Dec 102014
Alonzo Muhlach (MNS Photo)

Alonzo Muhlach (MNS Photo)

Former “Boy Wonder of Philippine Cinema” Niño Muhlach is not predicting his four-year old son Alonzo  to become the next child superstar.

When he started in showbiz (the same age as Alonzo), Niño revealed he felt it was all play, not work. He certainly didn’t feel his parents were pushing him to become a “superstar.”

“Mine (stardom) just happened. With Alonzo, it could be easier for him because I’m an actor already and the opportunity would just come easily,” said Niño.

He didn’t even plan on making Alonzo an actor, it just happened.

Alonzo’s path to showbiz started when they joined “Bet on Your Baby,” after which he was approached by the production of “Pinoy Big Brother All In” for the boy to take part in the show.

“I didn’t want to deny him the opportunity. But I still asked him if he wanted to be in the show and he said yes. So why not,” said Niño.

The actor may not have seen things coming but he’s proud of his son.

“People say  he  is a carbon copy of myself when I was his age. But it never entered my mind to enter him in showbiz otherwise I would have trained him to speak Tagalog more,” he said.

At the moment, Niño and Alonzo are both in “My Big Bossing,” Vic Soto’s follow-up to “My Little Bossings” and an official entry to this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival.

In the film, Niño plays a father who wants the best for his son. So he switched him with the real heir to the throne played by Ryzza Mae Dizon – show business’ bonafide “Girl Wonder.”

Being a father, Niño wants Alonzo to have a wonderful showbiz experience. He said he would do to Alonzo the same things his parents did to him when he was in showbiz.

“I went through a marvelous journey as a child actor. My parents  took care of my finances and I  was able to earn. I  wouldn’t own a building if not for them. So I don’t want to deprive Alonzo of that experience. I want something like that for him,”  said Niño.

Though he is not Alonzo’s manager, he will guide him well and nurture him  his budding showbiz career. As the actor always says of his children, “I always look out for my sons’ welfare.”

“Yes. The first time he saw one of my movies, he told me ‘Papa, that’s me. That’s me.’ He even gets confused of my photos when I was his age. He always thought he was the one in those photos,”  intimated Niño.

Niño’s next movie is “Vampira” starring Isabel Daza, Jasmine Curtis and Paolo Avelino while Alonzo is said to be doing a series for ABS-CBN. (MNS)

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