Jul 152013
Starting 6 a.m. Tuesday, oil companies will impose a big-time fuel price hike.

At least two major oil firms on Monday night announced price hikes for fuel products including gasoline, kerosene and diesel, radio dzBB’s Manny Vargas reported.

Chevron and Shell both cited price changes in the world market for oil as the reason behind the hike, the report said.

The price hikes include:

– 75 centavos per liter for diesel
– P1.60 per liter for gasoline
– P1.00 per liter for kerosene

A separate report by GMA News’ Julius Segovia said Petron will implement a similar oil price hike on Tuesday morning.

Last week, oil companies including Petron, Shell and Chevron also raised prices of their products. Last week’s price adjustments included:

– 60 centavos per liter for gasoline
– 45 centavos per liter for diesel
– 40 centavos per liter for kerosene

— DVM, GMA News

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