Dec 022017

Guests to the launching of the 2017-2018 Leelin’s VIP Rewards Loyalty Sweepstakes raise the thumbs up sign as they are led by “Momsy” Leelin (seated 7th from left). With her is her son and Leelin Bakery and Café founder Menard (seated 6th from left) and her grandson Michael (seated 5th from left). On her right is Philippine Air Lines (PAL) LAX area manager Michelle Narvaez. Also present are Cerritos Councilor Frank Yokoyama (seated 4th from left), host Thelma Sugay (standing 1st from left), singer Jaime Bacani (standing 3rd from left) and former wrestler Brittany Fetkin (standing 5th from left).

A customer loyalty rewards contest that offers free round-trip tickets to the Philippines and as well as a culinary tour has been recently re-launched by Leelin Bakery and Café, in cooperation with the Philippine Department of Tourism (PDOT) in Los Angeles and the Philippine Air Lines (PAL), during a modest ceremony in Cerritos last November 15.

Last year, a Filipino American who works at the Superior Court won the grand prize. Unfortunately, the winner was not around to tell his story. But Cerritos City Councilor Frank Aurelio Yokoyama, who won year long free meals in the 2016-2017 Leelin VIP Rewards Sweepstakes, was around to attest to the joy of such a reward.

I was so lucky to win Leelin Bakery and Café for a year, I was so sad when the year ended,” Yokoyama jested at the end of his short speech.

PDOT director Richmond Jimenez and Philippine Airlines (PAL) LAX area manager Michelle Narvaez graced the affair

“Since 2008, we’ve been so blessed that we’ve been partners with the Department of Tourism,” said Michael Leelin, chief financial officer of the firm and a third-generation Leelin.

Michael said the partnership with the Philippine tourism department has been a manifestation of the company’s desire to promote Filipino culture and heritage.

The launch was jointly hosted by Filipino American anchorwoman Thelma Sugay and former Japanese American professional wrestler Brittany Fetkin.

Entertainment was amply provided by local karaoke host and singer Jaime Bacani.

For his part, tourism director Jimenez disclosed that four million people have already visited the Philippines during the past eight months.

“We are expecting more visitors to come as the holiday season comes in,” Jimenez added.

Visitors to the launch were served with pancit, lumpiang shanghai, sisig na bangus, and dinuguan topped with crispy lechon.

One need not buy anything to become a VIP Rewards member. Interested customers only need to sign up for it in any Leelin Bakery and Café stores.

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