Oct 192013

MANILA, Philippines – IP Converge Data Services Inc. (IPC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of e-PLDT is working closely with government agencies to help serve the general public more efficiently.

IPC president Reynaldo Huergas said the company has been tapped by the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) to put in place within its organization a system by which its employees can communicate and collaborate more efficiently among themselves and with their stakeholders.

Huergas said IPC has deployed Google Apps for Business, providing IPOPHL with a suite of web-based, user-friendly applications by which the government organization could collaborate internally and with its partners, businesses and the general public in a more responsive and efficient manner.

Aside from deployment of Google Apps, IPC also provided change management activities to IPOPHL.

“In terms of public service, IPOPHL will derive great benefits from the cloud service and Google Apps as these will definitely reduce IPOPHL’s capital expense for information and communications technology requirements and increase productivity through real-time collaboration,” he stressed.

He explained that IPOPHL’s MIS personnel could now focus more on the mission-critical systems and services offered to stakeholders and the public as IPC would handle the maintenance of the computing facility.

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Ricardo Blancaflor, director general of IPOPHL, said the agency would become a more efficient intellectual property organization as it would benefit from the Google Apps for Business provided by IPC.

 “Communication within and outside of the IPOPHL circle will be more efficient, productive and economical. Document collaboration will be more efficient with simultaneous inputs being done anytime and anywhere using various web-enabled devices. The use of less paper will contribute to cost savings and a greener environment espoused by IPOPHL,” Blancaflor said.

IPC offers a full suite of cloud services ranging from software-as-a service (Google Apps, Salesforce CRM and IPC PayCheck); platform-as-a-service (Google Maps and Earth and force.com); infrastructure-as-a-service (Cloud Servers and Prolexic); and backup-as-a-service (IPC  BackupCloud powered by Symantec).

These services are offered through IPC’s cloud.com.ph portal which is powered by a robust cloud platform hosted in its own Internet data center. IPC Data Centers are state-of-the-art, telco-grade facilities built to support various enterprise IT and telecommunications requirements 24×7.

IPC is an Internet data center, telecommunications and cloud services firm that provides local and regional enterprises with managed data services and business solutions at international standards.

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