Jan 212015
Photos of at least two individuals who appear to be wearing a police shirt, cap and badges, and nothing more than diapers circulated online earlier this week, at the height of Pope Francis’ visit. But these diaper-wearing cops were anything but.

Paul Agabin of Project Awesome Philippines earlier admitted they were fake cops who were part of a social experiment.

“This is a social experiment regarding the MMDA Diapers issue, in order to investigate the effect of officers wearing diapers due to the limited portalets. But obviously, they can’t do the experiment with pants on,” the group said on its website.

But the Philippine National Police was less than amused. In a report aired over GMA News’ “Unang Balita” on Wednesday, it said the images shown were highly insulting to the morale of the police force who worked hard to safeguard the Pope during his five-day visit.

The video of the fake cops has since been removed from Project Awesome Philippines’ Facebook page. However, the same video remains available on the group’s website, along with a disclaimer.

“They are in no way connected with real government agencies. The uniforms they have been wearing are fake. Their logos and badges are modified, No IDs, Generic Shirts, and they did it early in the morning before the mass to avoid issues,” the group said. —Patricia Denise Chiu/KBK, GMA News

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