Sep 122016

Regus Philippines now has 25 business centers, providing workspace solutions for both local and international companies in the Philippines.

MANILA, Philippines Regus, the global workplace provider, has announced that it has launched its first business center in Davao City.

A rapidly developing and growing second-tier city, Davao City is expected to be the Philippines’ next up and coming hub for commerce, education and manufacturing – supporting and serving the Southern territories of the country and neighboring region.

“With the rapid development of the Information Technology Business Process Outsourcing (IT-BPO) sector in the city, Davao is today one of the top BPO centers in the region. As we anticipate the influx of investors into the city, we are confident that this is the time to invest and grow with the city and the region. Regus will support as an‘incubator for investors,’ to establish and expand operations in Davao,” Regus Philippines country manager Lars Wittig said.

Regus is partnering with Damosa Land Inc., the real estate arm of Anflo Management and Investment Corp., to lease the property for the new business center.

Ricardo Floirendo Lagdameo, vice president of Damosa Land, added that such a collaboration would inevitably bolster Davao’s development.

“We’ve received inquiries in the past from organizations interested in Davao, but they were unsure about the investment climate and landscape.This partnership with Regus reiterates the confidence that a global multinational has for Davao and the surrounding region in Mindanao,” Lagdameo said.

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“Working with Regus and Damosa Land gives investors the opportunity to get started with minimal disruption and enables them to focus on their core objectives. Furthermore, the prestigious location in the heart of Davao City is an attractive factor in recruiting talented but much in demand employees for their organizations in the future,” he added.

Lagdameo said the company’s investment in Davao will help “catapult the city to a higher level of growth and development” and put it on investors’ map.

The Regus Davao Center is located at the Topaz Tower and offers 350 workstations, the largest number of such a facility within the Regus Philippine network to date. Nestled within the booming Damosa District, it is strategically located 10 minutes away from the Davao Airport and Abreeza Mall, and is accessible from Davao City’s two major highways, JP Laurel Avenue and Diversion Road via Mamay Road.

Wittig explained that the investment in Davao is in keeping with Regus’ focus in expanding into secondary cities serving the rich hinterlands and provinces, adding to the existing centers in other developing economic areas including Clark and Cebu.

With this latest addition, Regus Philippines now has 25 business centers, providing workspace solutions for both local and international companies in the Philippines.


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