Dec 232014
As it feted them for overcoming threats this year, the Department of Education at Christmas urged teachers and students to “rekindle” the goodness amid the darkness of uncertainty.

DepEd Secretary Armin Luistro said many in the academic community had given much of themselves, even going beyond the call of duty.

“This Christmas, I wish for all of you to rekindle that goodness inside and magnify it. Remind others, by way of gratefulness, that they too have been beacons of good in your lives.  Find peace knowing that in your own little way, you have contributed a great deal of good in a world bereft of it,” he said.

Luistro said Christmas should remind people of the “goodness that comes into the world even as it is challenged by the darkness of uncertainty.”

This year, he said people have seen examples of this throughout the year in the persons of those within the Department “who have given much of themselves so that our work may continue.”

“Our teachers have gone beyond their call to do remarkable things like deflect gunmen and protect their students. Administrators and officials from local offices have been outstanding in shepherding their people, in always being quick to offer a word of care and thanks,” he said.

“Our donors too have been on call, ready to engage us, for what little or big needs we might have. Even our students have been good citizens,” he added.

“It is very difficult to lose hope in the company of great people,” he said.

Luistro said there had been times direct threats were aimed at students, while violence in schools and the constant possibility of disasters kept the DepEd on its toes.

“This season, as we celebrate community and oneness in the pursuit of being good, may we all find joy in each other’s company and encourage each other to do good, no matter the cost,” he said. Joel Locsin/LBG, GMA News

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