Jul 032013
The remains of the Filipina who was executed in China Wednesday morning arrived in Manila in the evening of that same day, a television report said.

The body of the 35-year-old arrived in Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2 at around 8 p.m. via Philippine Airlines flight PR337, which departed from Shanghai, China, Jam Sisante reported during GMA News TV’s “State of the Nation with Jessica Soho”.

The remains of the Filipina drug mule were accompanied by her daughter and mother. The relatives of the deceased refused to make any statements upon their arrival, the television report said.

As of this posting, it was not yet certain whether the body of the deceased was cremated or not. The family earlier requested the body be cremated.

The relatives of the convicted drug courier had been in China since Sunday. They were given 30 minutes to see their loved one to bid farewell.

Despite the country’s pleas, the Filipina was finally executed on Wednesday morning, the Foreign Affairs Department revealed.

The Filipina was sentenced to death in 2011 for carrying at least six kilos of heroin into China from United Arab Emirates.

In China, possession of at least 50 grams of illegal drugs is enough to warrant the death penalty, which is usually done via lethal injection.

The Filipina was the fifth Filipino drug courier to be executed in China since 2011.

The family of the 35-year-old drug courier will seek the assistance of the National Bureau of Investigation in arresting the Nigerian who supposedly recruited the deceased as a drug mule. Rouchelle R. Dinglasan/DVM, GMA News

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