Feb 072013
A respondent in the syndicated estafa cases filed against officials of the Aman Futures Group Philippines on Thursday asked the Department of Justice (DOJ) to be formally admitted as state witness in the case.

Donna Coyme told a DOJ preliminary investigation that she is ready to divulge whatever she knows about the company and its founder, Manuel Amalilio.

During the proceedings, Coyme denied being an officer of the Aman Futures Group.

“Investor lang po ako dun. Napagkamalan lang po ako na officer kasi araw-araw po ako nandun sa mga Luna, dahil tutor ako ng mga anak nila,” she told the DOJ panel, referring to company president Fernando Luna and his wife Nimfa.

“I have an idea of what was going on because I was in their (Lunas’) house every day,” she added when asked on what her possible testimony will be about.

She also said she never saw Pagadian Mayor Samuel Co, another respondent in the case, in the Aman Futures office.

Coyme said the company used the Lunas’ house as its headquarters. Her statement ran contrary to Mr. Luna’s claim that he was just Amalilio’s driver who was asked to stand as company president.

Amalilio is currently serving a two-year sentence in Malaysia after he was caught in possession of a fraudulent passport and ID. He went to Malaysia after news broke out of his firm’s alleged illegal activity.

Aman Futures is accused of defrauding thousands of investors through a so-called “Ponzi Scheme,” in which the firm misrepresents itself as a company engaged in futures trading and lures investors by offering high interest rates. — KBK, GMA News

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