Aug 092013
It almost goes without saying, but the highest court in the land still included it among its tips and guidelines to those who would take the 2013 Bar examinations this October.

No carabao English, please.

“In many instances, incorrect English is more serious as a problem than the lack of precise knowledge of law, and has been the cause of high failure rates,” the Supreme Court noted as it urged the examinees to polish their English as much as their knowledge of laws.

The proper use of English is just one of the guidelines and tips given by the high court to hopeful law graduates who would be taking the mostly-essay type Bar exams at the University of Santo Tomas.

In its “Guide and Rules of Conduct to the 2013 Bar Examinations,” the Supreme Court provided Bar examinees pointers on how best to approach the examination, believed to be the most difficult among licensure examinations.

“This Guide contains as well the rules that every Bar examinee should observe in his/her conduct during for the examinations for its orderly implementation, taking into account, not only the interests of the Bar examinees, but of the University hosting the examinations, the Bar personnel conducting the examinations, and the public at large,” the SC said.

The SC said that since the Bar exam is 80 percent essay type and only 20 percent multiple-choice-question type, “time planning and pacing are essential.”

“As a rule, five to six words per line significantly contribute to readability” of an examinee’s essay, the SC said.

The court also warned Bar takers against leaving or making distinguishing or identifying marks on their exam booklet. “This is classified as cheating and can subject the examinee to disqualification for the whole examination,” it said.

The SC said the UST gates along España will open at 5 a.m. and 12 noon, and close 30 minutes before the given examination time.

All electronic gadgets and communication devices would have to be deposited at the entrance. Deadly weapons, as well as alcoholic drinking and smoking within the university, is strictly prohibited.

The full text of the SC guidelines on the upcoming Bar exam can be viewed here. Mark Merueñas/KBK, GMA News

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