Apr 182013

SAN BRUNO, California–Filipino-American students will celebrate Filipino heritage and the Fil-Am experience by staging Skyline College Kababayan Program’s 8th annual Pilipino Cultural Night.

This year’s production, “Layunin,” will be performed on Thursday, May 2 and Saturday, May 4, at 7 p.m. in Skyline College’s Main Theatre on 3300 College Drive, San Bruno. Doors will be open one hour before show time.

Pilipino Cultural Night (PCN), a student­run event open to the community, celebrates the Filipino­American experience, showcasing traditional dances and music from the Philippines as well as elements of the Filipino American culture.

Students of English 104: “Applied English Skills for Cultural Production” wrote, directed, produced and advertised the show. Acted. They sing, dance and serve as stage/technical crew. They were also responsible for prop/set design and the overall stage construction.

This year’s action­packed story of love, war and family, “Layunin,” takes place in ancient times, when Palau’an is the land of life. It’s the home of many grand tribes who live in unity and harmony. But peace is then disrupted by a possessed datu from the Palawano tribe and his desire to rule all of Palau’an.

When all hope seems lost after many bloody battles and merciless conquest, Agbayani, a young Palawano warrior, testifies and does all he can to bring back the long lost peace to Palau’an, even if he has to clash with his father, the datu.

Students in the Kababayan Program and the Filipino Student Union, along with the advisers Liza Erpelo, Melanie Espinueva and Nate Nevado, have been hosting events and fundraisers to help pay for costs and expenses of the production.  Proceeds from this year’s PCN will benefit future productions and go toward scholarships for the students in the Kababayan Program and Filipino Student Union.


Thursday May 2, 2013 – 7pm

$5 presale/$7 at the door


Saturday May 4, 2013 – 7pm

$10 presale/$12 at the door

For tickets, contact M.E Urquico at:  meurquico@gmail.com or kababayanprogram@gmail.com


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