May 282013

(From left) Wilson  Tieng, Solar Entertainment president  and CEO; Maria Theresa Borromeo, chief operating officer; Manuel Quiogue, chief commercial officer.

MANILA, Philippines – The country’s leading cable network, Solar Entertainment Corp., recently appointed two officers to manage its broadcasting and cable businesses. Joining Solar’stop management are Manuel “Meckoy” Quiogue as chief commercial officer and Maria Theresa “Mitos” Borromeo as chief operating officer.

Quiogue joins Solar with an illustrious management track record in both advertising and broadcasting industries. He started in marketing, handling major accounts such as Coca-Cola, and Unilever brands. He moved to advertising, becoming the president and chief operating officer of J. Walter Thompson. Then he went into broadcasting, first with ABS-CBN’s Studio 23, before becoming president and COO of GMA Marketing and Productions, Inc. Prior to Solar, he was the President and CEO of Group M Philippines, the parent company of four media agencies. As Solar’s CCO, Meckoy will oversee the programming, marketing, and sales of Solar’s cable and free-television channels.

Borromeo comes with an extensive background in advertising and media.

She held top positions in major advertising agencies like DY&R/Alcantara, Lowe, J. Walter Thompson, and Bates Manila.She also was managing director of Mindshare Philippines before being promoted to chief executive cfficer of Group M Philippines. As Solar’s COO, Mitos will oversee the operations of Solar Entertainment Corp.

President and CEO Wilson Tieng is confident that the two will bring fresh energy and purpose to Solar Entertainment Corp. In a statement welcoming the two, Wilson said: “Mekoy’s a veteran of the TV industry. He has handled two of the biggest networks in the Philippines. He can do a lot to improve programming. He will be in charge of buying new shows for Solar, and this will benefit, all our viewers. And Mitos is a seasoned manager with lots of experience in media. With the growth of Solar Entertainment Corp., she now joins us to make Solar even greater.”

Solar Entertainment Corp. is a Philippine-based broadcasting network engaged in the acquisition, syndication, distribution and promotion of world-class programs and formats, in partnership with major international studios and content producers. It also produces localized franchised programs as well as original local programs. Its channels include ETC, 2nd Avenue, Jack TV, Jack City, Solar Sports, Basketball TV, and NBA Premium TV, among others.

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