Apr 152014

Jannelle So_So LAIn any sport, winning is not necessarily everything. In boxing, winning can be worse than losing.

“After you win a fight that people think you didn’t deserve, instead of coming out to the public walking tall, you come out with your face down, hoping nobody reminds you of that moment. It’s an ugly feeling,” said Joel Diaz, trainer of Timothy “Dessert Storm” Bradley who won a controversial split decision victory against Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao on June 9th, 2012.

“Tim and I talked about that night and I said to him ‘Tim, if we lost that fight, it would have been better. Because people would say you fought twelve rounds with Manny Pacquiao and he didn’t hurt you. That would’ve been better than people approaching you, attacking you, insulting you.’ I’ve been out with my family and my kids and people approach me and insult me as if we stole something valuable,” Diaz said.

It was suppose to have been a glorious moment in Bradley’s boxing career – ending Pacquiao’s 15-bout winning streak and the 8-division world boxing champion’s dominance in the welterweight division. But the controversy put a dark cloud over the victory.

“It affected him really bad to the point where he didn’t want to go anywhere. He didn’t want to see anybody, only his family. It got really bad to the point where I came to visit him one day and he’s in his house, in a wheelchair and I see the frustration in his face. It hurt when he told me ‘Coach, I’ve done this sport for 18 years and after 18 years, I’m losing the love for this sport because of what happened.’ For us instead of enjoying a victory, it’s worse than a defeat,” recalled Diaz but quickly added: “But that’s in the past. The judges dealt with it. The people dealt with it and we are looking forward to April 12th. If we win, we want to go home with a good win… and if we lose, we want to go home with a defeat… but not a controversy. I don’t wish a controversy to anybody. It’s an ugly feeling, like a nightmare you’re never going to come out of.”

For his part, Bradley is looking for vindication. He said that this time around, he will be looking for a clear victory, to make this experience a sweet one for him and his supporters.
“It will be one of the greatest moments of my boxing career, and possibly my life, besides my children being born and me marrying my wife. This will be everything for me,” he said. “Everything that I’ve worked for in boxing, it comes down to this moment. Manny Pacquiao is a legend, one of the most influential guys in the world and by beating him, I will get some of that love and attention.”
Bradley added that a lot has changed since he first met the Filipino boxing pride inside the ring a couple years ago: “On a personal note, I’ve changed a great deal. Me physically, I’ve changed. Mentally, I’ve changed. I’m just a different fighter now than I was two years ago.”

Two years ago, during the Bradley media day of the first outing between him and the Congressman from the Philippines, Bradley and his team gave out passes and mock IDs for a supposed rematch. And to the press and media who came, the idea seemed absurd, almost a joke. But in the end, the too-division champion proved himself correct, there was to be a rematch, after all.
And no one’s laughing now. While two years ago, oddsmakers put Pacquiao at a 1/5 (-500) advantage against Bradley, the gap is much closer, this time around.

“With 2 to 1 odds, especially against Manny Pacquaio… I think people are taking me very seriously this time around,” Bradley said. And for his part, he is likewise taking Pacquiao seriously, knowing that he is going to face an: “aggressive, hungry determined, fired up Manny Pacquiao that’s going to try to knock me out.”

Despite this, the champion that currently owns the belt and title that Pacquiao wants to regain and win back, says he feels no pressure: “In this fight Manny has everything to prove in this fight. I’m the champion. I’m going to be able to do what I want to do in the ring. I can alter my game. I can box, I can brawl. It all depends on what Manny’s doing.”

Diaz said he remains confident that his ward will come out victorious: “He always tells me, ‘Coach, I will win. I have no doubt in my mind I will win.’ And he’s always been right. On the Marquez fight, he told me ‘Coach, there’s no way this 40-year old can beat me.’ And he was right.”

“Every day he tells me, ‘Coach, there’s no way Manny can beat me. No way. The only way he can beat me is if he knocks me out and he’s not going to,” Diaz said. “When he says that to me with that aggressive tone and with that looks in his eyes, I believe my fighter because he’s always proved it.”

And while he said Pacquiao can’t knock him out, Bradley also gave us his prediction on the fight: “This fight will not go the distance.”

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Apr 152014
Henares reminds Pacquiao: Settle P2.6-B tax deficiency

Freddie Roach: “We are training for big game in this fight. Manny (Pacquiao, left) knows he is going to have to hunt Bradley down and close the show this time. The first fight with (Timothy) Bradley was so easy for Manny that after six rounds he just took it easy on him. Not this time. Our Mantra is ‘Close the show. No mercy.” MANILA (Mabuhay) – A day after he regained his WBO welterweight title, boxing champ and congressman Manny Pacquiao still faces a tough fight against Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Commissioner Kim Henares. Henares once again reminded Pacquiao to settle his previous tax deficiency, which has now ballooned to an estimated P2.6 billion due to interest. Pacquiao’s tax deficiency was assessed at P2.1 billion as of December 2012, after the BIR discovered that he has not been paying income taxes in the Philippines on his winnings for his previous fights in 2008 and 2009. “As of December 2012, P2.1 billion. Pero may 2013, so 20% (interest) pa yan. Ngayon April, may 6.67% (interest) pa. So tumatakbo na yan… So yun P2.1 billion, madaragdagan ng P26.67% (interest). Estimate lang around P2.65 billion na (tax deficiency),” she said. During the boxing champ’s visit to the BIR last year, Henares said they discussed how he can settle his tax deficiency. “Alam niyo ho, bumisita siya sa amin last year. Sinabi namin kung ano puede niyang gawin but since bumisita siya, wala ho ulit kaming communication,” she said. Last January, Pacquiao paid Read More …

Apr 142014
Pacquiao reclaims WBO welterweight belt, Bradley undefeated no more

By Rod Mijares Manny Pacquiao connects with a left hook to wrestle back his World Boxing Organization welterweight championship belt from Timothy Bradley Saturday during their rematch at MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, where Pacquiao won by unanimous decision. Photo: Benny Uy Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao reclaimed the WBO Welterweight championship belt from American Timothy Bradley in a rematch Saturday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada via a unanimous decision. It was a vindication on Pacquiao as he was able to redeem himself in front of a pro-Pacquiao sold-out crowd at the Garden, 97% of whom voted that he is going to win the fight. Unlike his first fight when Bradley won via a controversial split decision, the Filipino won in a very convincing fashion vintage Pacquiao to the cheers of fans in attendance throwing punches in salvo from the start to finish controlling majority of the 12-round bout. Judges Michael Pernick of Florida and Craig Metcalfe of Alberta, Canada both scored 116-112. Judge Glenn Trowbridge from Nevada scored it 118-110 giving only round 4 and 5 to Bradley. Pacquiao connected 50 out of 219 jabs thrown while Bradley thrown more jabs at 287 but only connected 32 . The challenger connected 148 out of 344 power punches thrown while the defending champion only connected 109 out of 340 power punches thrown. Both Pacquiao’s feet lifted in the air in round 4 when Bradley hit him with a right. Fortunately, he landed in both Read More …

Apr 142014
Win over Pacquiao brought dark days for Bradley

By Rebecca BRYAN Manny Pacquiao connects with a right to the head of Timothy Bradley in their WBO world welterweight title fight Saturday, June 9, 2012 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Pacquiao landed more power punches and appeared to have won most of the 12-round fight.(MNS Photo) LAS VEGAS, (AFP) – The vitriolic abuse that Timothy Bradley received after his controversial triumph over Manny Pacquiao had him contemplating not only ending his boxing career but even his life, Bradley said Wednesday. The unbeaten American should have been on top of the boxing world after claiming the World Boxing Organization welterweight world title with a 12-round split decision over Filipino ring icon Pacquiao. But most observers thought Pacquiao clearly won the fight, and the controversy that erupted left Bradley living through what he called the “darkest time in my life”. “Did I consider suicide? Hell yeah,” said Bradley, who is looking for redemption in Saturday’s rematch with Pacquiao. “I was thinking I don’t want to box anymore – I don’t even want to live anymore,” said Bradley, who recalled receiving hate mail, even a death threat, letters “belittling me, saying ‘You’re not a true champion.’” He recalled strangers at gas stations, flinging insults as they drove away, and was still bemused by one so-called fan who asked him this year who he was fighting next. When he told her he’d face Pacquiao this month, she said she hoped he won this time. “And that was one of Read More …

Apr 072014
The Team Pacquiao Guarantee

By Jannelle So Kababayan Today host Jannelle So withJustin Fortune, Manny Pacquiao’sstrength and conditioning coach. “What is more difficult to accept: the loss to Timothy Bradley via controversial decision; or the loss to Juan Manuel Marquez via knock out?” This was the question I asked at the media day of world boxing champion and congressman from the Philippines Manny Pacquiao as he prepares for his April 12th rematch bout with Timothy Bradley. “Walang masakit. Tanggap ko lahat,” Pacquiao said. (Nothing is diffuclt. I’ve accepted both.) “Marquez was devastating of course. With Bradley, we got robbed. But that’s part of life,” said Hall of Fame Trainer Freddie Roach. “We see that in boxing all the time. People see things differently and it’s not the first or last time we will see that. But the Marquez fight, I don’t ever want to see that again.” “Of course ‘yung pagkatalo kay Bradley. Kasi ‘yugn kay Marquez, not expected. Kahit sino’ng magaling na boksingero, kahit sabihin mo na nakuha mo na ‘yung kalaban, hindi mo expect na ‘yung swerte, sa kaniya pa rin,” said long time friend Buboy Fernandez who also works the corner of Pacquiao for each fight. (Of course the loss to Bradley; because the loss to Marquez was unexpected. Any good boxer, even if you say you got your opponent, you don’t expect that luck could be on his side.) “Pero ‘yung sa Bradley kasi, lahat ng nanuod ‘nung laban sa buong mundo, alam at nakita nila kung sino ang talagang Read More …

Apr 072014
Pacquaio-Mayweather could still happen: Roach

By Rebecca BRYAN Top Rank host Crystina Poncher poses a question to Manny Pacquiao during Wednesday’s Media Day at the Wild Card boxing gym in Hollywood. Pacquaio will have a rematch against Timothy Bradley at MGM Grand Garden Arena on April 12. Photo: Benny Uy LOS ANGELES (AFP) – Trainer Freddie Roach says avenging losses to Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez are the top items on Manny Pacquiao’s to-do list, but believes the Filipino will one day face Floyd Mayweather. But Hall of Fame trainer Roach said Pacquaio’s legacy depends more on turning the tables on the two opponents who beat him in 2012 than on a belated, late-career tilt at Mayweather. “In the history books you have to avenge your losses, you have to avenge your losses in life,” Roach said Wednesday at his Wild Card gym in Los Angeles, where Pacquiao’s media workout drew a throng. Pacquiao, the former world champion in eight weight divisions, will get his shot at retribution against Bradley in Las Vegas on April 12. Both fighters are calling it a chance for redemption, after Bradley beat Pacquiao by a controversial split decision in June 2012 – a bout that many observers thought Pacquiao had dominated. “We feel we got robbed in the last fight – now we need to be sure that we get the victory,” said Pacquiao, 35, who will be fighting to regain the World Boxing Organization welterweight crown he surrendered to Bradley. Six months after losing to the American, Pacquiao Read More …

Feb 262014
Manny Pacquiao Movie – Official Manny Pacquiao Trailer – MANNY

(photo courtesy of Manny Pacquiao Movie Facebook page) Manny Pacquiao Movie – Official Trailer – “Manny” narrated by Academy Award Nominee Liam Neeson and directed by Ryan Moore and Academy Award Winner Leon Gast. Coming 2014. *Official World Premiere at 2014 SXSW Film Festival. Synopsis: From abject poverty to becoming an eight time boxing world champion, congressman, and international icon, Manny Pacquiao is the true definition of a Cinderella-man story. In the Philippines, he first entered the ring as a sixteen year old weighing ninety-eight pounds with the goal of earning money to feed his family. Now, almost twenty-years later, when he fights, the country of 100 million people comes to a complete standstill to watch. The army and the rebels cease-fire. There are no cars in the street. There is zero crime. An entire country becomes united. Regarded for his ability to bring people together, Pacquiao entered the political arena in 2010. As history’s first boxing congressman, Pacquiao now fights for his people both inside and outside of the ring. Now at the height of his career, he is faced with maneuvering an unscrupulous sport and maintaining his political duties, while still supporting his family and sustaining a personal life. The question now is, what bridge is too far for Manny Pacquiao to cross? Courtesy of Youtube Manny Pacquiao Movie : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qqi_DVcSMPY&src_vid=oXmM0KzM1VI&feature=iv&annotation_id=annotation_361211075#t=1m5s See : http://mannypacquiaomovie.com/about-the-film/ https://www.facebook.com/MannyPacquiaoMovie

Feb 212014
Manny Pacquiao has two missions in Las Vegas fight

There are two things that 8-division world champion Manny Pacquaio would like to bring with him when he takes to the ring on April 12, 2014 for his rematch against 2-division champion Timothy Bradley. “Nasa kanya kasi ‘yung korona ko e. Gusto ko maibalik ulit,” he said in an interview with “Kababayan Today.” (He has my crown. I want to get it back.) When the two first faced off in Las Vegas on June 9th 2012, the welterweight bout went the distance, And after 12 rounds, Bradley’s hands were raised as the winner by split decision. Not only did that controversial Bradley victory stop Pacquiao’s dominance in the division; he also put an end to the Filipino boxing champ’s 15-bout winning streak, raising speculations that Pacquiao has lost his fire and drive in the ring. In the upcoming rematch, Pacquiao added that he also plans to bring this famous “killer instinct” back on the ring. “Siguro this time around kailangan ko nang ibalik yung killer instinct ko and aggressiveness ko sa itaas ng ring and throwing a lot of punches. Kailangan dumaan sa puspusang training, ” he said. (Maybe this time around I would really need to bring my killer instinct back and aggressiveness in the ring; and throwing a lot of punches. I need to go through rigorous training.) It’s been five years since Pacquiao has stopped a fight. In 2009 was his last knock out win, against Miguel Cotto. In fact, he has been the one knocked out Read More …

Jan 302014
CHR chief wants to inspect military facilities for possible torture chambers

Following the discovery of a “torture cell” allegedly ran by local police in Laguna, Commission on Human Rights (CHR) Etta Rosales said Friday that military facilities should also be inspected for possible torture chambers. At a press conference, Rosales said she has already directed government officials who are part of the national monitoring mechanism against human rights violations to also check on camps and other facilities ran by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) all over the country.  “Hindi ba karumal-dumal iyon? Hindi ba kahayupan iyon? Kung nakita natin as late as ngayon, mayroon din siguro sa mga militar,” the CHR chairperson told reporters. Rosales added that her commission will also be inspecting provincial intelligence branches and regional offices of the Philippine National Police (PNP) across the country. “Gusto talaga natin na no stones left unturned. Puntahan lahat ito… We will go all over the Philippines and do intensive work in trying to monitor, expose, oppose, and dismantle these facilities of torture,” she said. The CHR chief also warned military and police officials against dismantling torture chambers ahead of the inspection, saying they may be charged for tampering with evidence. “Chances are they might dismantle, pero malalaman din natin iyan. Ang hahanapin natin kung may torture victims,” she said. She added that she is coordinating with the AFP’s and the PNP’s leadership to be able to put in place “systemic solutions” to stop incidents of torture by security officers. Earlier this week, the CHR exposed a secret prison in Read More …

Nov 242013

We’ll never again see the seemingly unstoppable whirlwind Manny Pacquiao of 2007 to 2011. That was the Manny Pacquiao who zoomed up the scales to win five of his world titles in a record eight weight classes. But this Pacquiao — the 34-year-old version coming off a gargantuan one-punch, sixth-round, face-first, go-to-sleep knockout against his great rival Juan Manuel Marquez in their fourth encounter a year ago — is still pretty damn good. READ FULL STORY