Oct 022017

Driver Reymond Gonzaga of Davao City found the owner of Php900,000 cash left in his taxi after he turned in the passenger’s bag to local television station ABSCBN.

Gonzaga related to the news network how he found the bag in the backseat of his taxi and decided to go to the local TV station to seek help on what to do with the bag.

An ABSCBN report revealed the bag owner as Ruth Muntag Koitabashi, an overseas Filipino worker in Japan, who claimed her bag containing the cash, jewelry, her mobile phone and other important documents.

Koitabashi thanked Gonzaga for his honesty and effort to return her belongings.

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Jul 202017

President Rodrigo Duterte won the most votes among US overseas Filipino voters in the May 2016 elections partly due to his strong showing in The Filipino Channel (TFC) special town hall forum on the Philippine elections held on May 1, 2016 and presented to a TV audience of 250,000 cable subscribers. At this town hall forum, representatives from all the presidential candidates passionately presented their candidates’ views on a variety of topics and were cheered on by their supporters dressed festively in the political colors of their candidates …

Jun 072017
Gordon Ramsay picks Pork Adobo burger in US show contest

British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay chose the Filipino-style burger in a cook-off featured on US TV’s “Good Morning America.” Gordon Ramsay judges the “Good Morning America” battle of the burgers [via Facebook] Ramsay was asked to judge the best tasting burger – between a Double Stacked Bison and Chorizo Burger, and a Pork Adobo burger – prepared by viewers of the show for the “Battle ofthe Burgers” segment. After sampling the burgers, Ramsay said “I’m going with the Filipino burger.” The popular TV personality chose the Pork Adobo burger made by Maura Hohman, a 25-year old New Yorker who was introduced by the hosts as a lover of Italian and Filipino food. The winning recipe included grinding bacon into the patty, while adding the basic adobo ingredients of vinegar, soy sauce, bay leaves, and lots of garlic. “It’s seasoned beautifully,” Ramsay praised the Pinoy-style burger. Ramsay even noted the bun used was the Filipino bread, pan de sal. “And the bun, that’s a traditional Filipino bread. It’s delicious.” Ramsay is currently promoting his new TV show, the “F Word.”   The post Gordon Ramsay picks Pork Adobo burger in US show contest appeared first on Good News Pilipinas. Related posts: Filipinos win top prizes in Japan soy sauce cook fest Forbes picks Philippines a top retirement destination Pinoy handcrafted designs stand out in Tokyo show Arnel Pineda, Journey star in Ellen DeGeneres’ TV show

May 062017
It’s Just A Habit!

Chinkee Tan Are you always late? Are you always unable to finish your work or assignments? Are you always short on cash? Are you always in debt? Does this conversation look familiar… Why are you late? Traffic! Why didn’t you finish your work or assignment? I was busy! Why are you short on cash again? My salary or allowance is too small! Have you heard other people give these kinds of reasons? Or maybe, have you made excuses like these? Do you want to know the real reason behind being late, not being able to finish your work/assignment, or being short on cash and being in debt? HABIT! Being late is a habit! Not finishing your work/assignment is a habit! Not having enough and always being in debt is a habit! Are you always drinking, smoking, gambling, or partying? Or what about biting your nails, eating junk food, doing Facebook non-stop, or spending too much time on TV? One thing that is common in these examples is that they are all BAD HABITS. Why are they BAD? It’s simple. They’re bad habits because they cause serious damage to a person. They negatively influence a person in terms of work or studies, and in life, in general. I know this one person who grew up in an all-boys school. And then, because of peer pressure, he tried drinking alcohol at the early age of 16. His reason? Well, there’s nothing wrong with just a bit of alcohol. “I’m just trying it Read More …

Dec 312016
Toni returns to hosting after giving birth

Toni Gonzaga (MNS photo) After taking a break from work for several months since giving birth, Toni Gonzaga returned to hosting on Wednesday for the launch of a major casino. Gonzaga and Luis Manzano were among the hosts of Okada Manila’s Christmas preview concert, which was held at the Entertainment City Complex in Paranaque. On Instagram, Manzano expressed how much he missed co-hosting an event with Gonzaga. “Always a pleasure working with one of the best hosts ever,” he wrote as he shared their picture taken after the event. Gonzaga last appeared on TV on the September 19 episode of “Pinoy Big Brother.” Gonzaga gave birth days later on September 30. She is expected to make her TV comeback in January. (MNS)

Apr 192014
Sarah Lahbati thankful to be loaned by GMA to TV5 for TV movie

Sarah Lahbati (MNS Photo) Sarah Lahbati insists that she has no idea why boyfriend Richard Gutierrez referred to her as “Ilaw ng Tahanan” in a recent Instagram post. “It’s probably best to ask him. Ewan ko sa kanya bakit may ganun-ganun pa siyang ano,” she said during the recent story conference for “More Than Words”, her upcoming TV movie for Studio 5 Originals. What she is pretty much certain is that their relationship is still going strong, as evidenced by the recent cruise that was documented on camera for “It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez”, the controversial showbiz family’s upcoming reality show for the E! Channel. “Ang haba ng hair ko,” she exclaimed when asked how she feels about Richard’s very public display of affection towards her. “He’s an amazing person. We’re very happy and our relationship is very, very stable”. Although she declined to comment if there are wedding plans in the horizon, the radiant aura and cheerful demeanor of the towering 20-year-old Filipino-Swiss actress is an indication that tying the knot is not yet part of her immediate plans. Getting her career back on track certainly is. After leaving for Switzerland last year in the wake of a much-publicized contract dispute with GMA Artist Center, she came back to the country and has since settled her differences with network executives who welcomed her back with open arms. Last Sunday, she was warmly received in her public appearance on her home network on “Sunday All-Stars” where the studio Read More …

Mar 142014
Charice: High-voltage baby set to conquer world’s stages this year

Charice OPRAH WINFREY called her “the most talented girl in the world.” Super producer David Foster (Andre Bocelli, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston) called her his favorite singer. Josh Groban said she possesses one of the most beautiful voices he’s heard in a long time. “When that girl opens her mouth, angels fly out,” gushed “Glee” executive producer Ryan Murphy. Bruno Mars wrote a song for her. And Michael Jackson wanted her for his planned last tour. Her tiny, baby-face appearance belies a high-voltage voice and a fearless spirit that allows her to sing “big songs at a tender age” (New York Post)-indeed, Charice is a certified talent. Charice’s big break. It happened the 21st Century way: through the Internet. A fan posted her videos on YouTube that soon became viral-15 million hits-and came to the attention of South Korean talent show “Star King,” which invited Charice to perform. She sang “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” and “A Whole New World.” Actress and comedian Ellen Degeneres saw the “Star King” videos and soon after hosted Charice in her top-rating TV show-her first performance outside the Philippines. She sang “I Will Always Love You” and “And I’m Telling You.” She was 15, and was on a meteoric track to stardom. In 2008, Charice guested in “The Paul O’Grady Show” in London, and “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” singing “I Have Nothing”-after which Oprah Winfrey referred her to David Foster. Charice shared the stage with Dion, Bocelli, Michael Buble, Josh Groban and Read More …

Mar 032014
Nikki’s dating again

Nikki GIl (MNS Photo) Nikki Gil has finally decided to start a new chapter in her life, seven months after her five-year relationship with singer-host Billy Crawford came to an end. The Kapamilya actress and TV host admitted to being back in the dating game, intimating how the moment “felt right.” The 26-year-old Gil described the guy three years his senior as, doing an “adult job.” “I mean, sobrang different from what we do,” she explained. Asked if she was afraid to trust again after her breakup with Crawford, Gil remarked: “Surprisingly hindi.” She explained, “Kasi alam kong it’s not like that all the time. Parang ito (her past relationship with Crawford), nagkataon lang. Love isn’t supposed to be like this. Hindi siya dapat masakit. Hindi ka dapat umiyak.” Despite the split, Gil is nevertheless thankful that all the publicity around it seemingly provided a dating “filter” of sorts. “I think that in itself, parang napi-filter na ‘yung mga i-de-date mo. Parang for them to come up to you, knowing where I came from, they must mean business,” she explained. She stressed that this is a good thing as, “Hindi ako ‘yung type na susubok nang susubok, kasi alam ko kung ano ‘yung gusto ko. Binigyan ko rin naman ang chance ko to meet (other guys). Pero kasi hindi ko kaya. I don’t have to play the game. Hindi ko kaya.” She maintained, “Huwag lang ‘go and explore,’ kasi maha-hurt ka rin in the process. Oo, makikipag-date ka, pero sana Read More …

Jan 242014
Single Ruffa Gutierrez wants an ‘inspiration’

Ruffa Gutierrez (MNS Photo) MANILA (Mabuhay) -– Having been single for two-and-a-half years, Ruffa Gutierrez believes 2014 will be her lucky year when it comes to her love life. Despite her successful career, Gutierrez admits that she still needs an inspiration apart from her two daughters, Lorin and Venice. “Feeling ko ngayong 2014, dadating na ‘yung love life ko. I don’t know, I just feel it. Hindi ko alam kung Mr. Right, sana siya na ‘yung Mr. Right. Two years and six months wala akong love life so feeling ko kailangan namang may inspirasyon,” she said. According to Gutierrez, she has the full support of her two kids when it comes to her love life. In fact, the former beauty queen said there are times when Lorin and Venice would ask her to get back with their father, Ylmaz Bektas. “Hindi naman nila ako pine-pressure pero there are times na gusto nila makipagbalikan ako sa daddy nila. There are times naman na gusto nila makahanap na ako ng love. Pero kapag nakikita nila na Ylmaz and I are talking again, ‘Oh I hope you and Babba can be a family again,’” she said. “Medyo confused pa sila sa aspetong iyon. But I know that deep down in their hearts, they just want me to be happy. Whatever makes me happy, I’m sure hindi naman din ako magpapakilala ng isang tao sa kanila na alam kong hindi ako sure,” Gutierrez added. Gutierrez said she will stay true to her mantra this Read More …