Jul 032014

MANILA, Philippines – When the stars align in your favor, everything seems to go well, but what happens when the stars don’t?

Even when we refuse to believe that we are being superstitious, human nature compels us to believe in our own fate. Some people may find reading horoscopes ridiculous, but for some, following the stars is part of their way of life. For those who believe in horoscope, studies claim that reading your horoscope is more than just a harmless past time.

According to a published article on Journal of Consumer Research, people who read their horoscope daily were found to be more likely to display impetuous or indulgent behavior when their zodiac is not on their favor. It is because believers are persuaded by what the horoscope tells, so they are more susceptible to temptations, while people who don’t believe their stars carry on as normal.

On the other hand, scientists at the University of South Carolina and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland revealed that an unfavorable fateful prediction subsequently increases the likelihood of choosing indulgent over virtuous options only for consumers who believed their fate is malleable. This is after they gave each participant a negative star sign reading and then asked to decide whether they were going to clean their house or go to a party. People who had said they believed in horoscopes were more likely to choose the party, while others chose the “virtuous” option of cleaning up.

There are people who believe in the psychic culture. There is nothing wrong with using stars as a guide of life, but keep in mind that with or without the stars, we can all improve ourselves, remove bad habits, and ascertain good ones.

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