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BMW-TRS Fun Run to Breakfast at Antonio’s, included guests from the media, the BMW Car Club and super car owners

MANILA, Philippines – Tuason Racing School (TRS), the Philippines’ first and longest-running professional racing school, together with BMW, known for world-class automobile engineering to provide the ultimate driving experience, launched the Tuason Racing Drive Experience powered by M. The program will be providing high-performance driving classes with the only Filipino BMW M Certified driver/trainer and founder of TRS, JP Tuason.

The Tuason Racing Drive Experience was formally launched last June 29 at the BMW-TRS Fun Run Drive; a smooth Sunday drive that started in Bonifacio Global City and ended at Breakfast at Antonio’s in Tagaytay. The event featured members of the media, BMW car clubs, super car owner and enthusiasts. JP Tuason gave the participants a short discussion about the event. He also discussed that the drive experience has two types of classes namely, the High-Performance Driving (HPD) Class for BMW buyers and VIPs, and the Super Car Class for the BMW M vehicle buyers.

BMW buyers and BMW VIPs within the months of July to October are eligible for a slot in the 30 slots offered by the Tuason Racing Drive Experience.

The program will be focusing on technologies now available in different super cars and the skills upgrade of the owners. With a fleet of BMW vehicles and the advocacy of spreading joy, the two companies will be providing car enthusiasts with a deep dive into driving dynamics and high-speed driving that matches the world-class standards set by BMW. The BMW vehicles will be used in the morning session while each owner’s vehicle will be used in the afternoon session.

“We have taken the responsibility of making the training for high-speed vehicles available in the country applying the strictest global standard BMW M is known for. As the industry leader, we feel that making sure our customers and other car enthusiasts get to enjoy their vehicles the way it is supposed to be driven, safely” said Maricar Parco, president of Asian Carmakers Co., the official distributor of BMW cars in the Philippines.

“This program will complement our racing courses and complete the driver training available for car enthusiasts. This gives us the opportunity to be at the same level with leading car markets” Tuason said, “TRS has always been up to date with the latest racing equipment and teaching aids. Our partnerships have enabled us to keep the training at a high standard at cost effective prices” he added.

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Both companies are advocating safe driving of high-powered cars so that customers can experience the ultimate driving pleasure that their products bring. That’s why they are giving car enthusiasts and customers access to getting to know the technology better.

Tuason Racing School provides basic race car training in karting, circuit race, and formula races, race career management and events management. For more details about our services and future events, visit www.tuasonracing.com and our Facebook page at Tuason Racing School. For inquiries, email us at info@tuasonracing.com

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