Dec 282014

From top to bottom: Alice Dixson, Derek Ramsay, Joey de Leon and Mr. Fu at the Al Ghurair Mall giving happiness to fellow Filipinos  

MANILA, Philippines – TV5 treated thousands of Filipinos in Dubai to an exciting Kapatid Fans Day last Nov. 28 with no less than the biggest Kapatid stars making the day memorable and successfully capping the month-long OSN Pinoy Caravan.

Derek Ramsay, Joey de Leon and Alice Dixson were all thrilled to be at the Al Ghurair Mall to give happiness to fellow Filipinos.

Hosted by Wow Mali Lakas ng Tama co-host Mr. Fu, the Kapatid Fans Day in Dubai had Derek serenading hundreds of shrieking females in the crowd with the song When You Say Nothing At All. Meanwhile, Alice wowed everyone when she danced to the upbeat groove of All About that Bass. On the other hand, Joey pulled some hilarious pranks on the attendees and mall shoppers for the hit show Wow Mali Lakas ng Tama.

Later that day, Joey, Alice and Derek joined select OSN subscribers in a limo ride around Dubai and a dinner treat as part of the For Love or Money Watch & Win Promo.

The Kapatid Fans Day treat for Filipinos in Dubai proved the success of TV5 International’s partnership with OSN. And as TV5 International steps in to the new year, it continues its rise in the Middle East and North Africa, where it has already become the second most-watched Filipino channel.

The Kapatid Fans Day was made possible through the generous support of the event’s sponsors: Amaia, Western Union and Mediacom. Get updated with the latest happenings and events of Kapatid TV5 and AksyonTV International, visit or

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