Jun 302014

Volleybelles: For over a decade now, the Best Center has been providing kids with the scientific method of volleyball training.  

MANILA, Philippines – This year, hundreds of kids signed up for a productive summer at BEST Center Volleyball Summer Clinic.  With its focus on the scientific method of teaching, kids learn the fundamentals of volleyball in the best way for only BEST Center uses this kind of teaching method in the country.

The pioneer scientific sports center in the Philippines, BEST Center fosters learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. For over a decade, it has been providing sports training in volleyball that enhances kids’ physical, mental, and social well-being.

 “Learning the basics and mastering these would help them take in the advanced skills easily, allowing them to adapt quickly,” explained Nic Jorge, founder of BEST Center.

Just like 12-year-old active volleyball player Mevean Tominez who signed up for the summer clinic to improve her footwork, which is an important basic skill in volleyball. After the training, she was able to master the footwork and gained volleyball techniques that she could use when competing in school.

BEST Center also brings together kids who have the same love for sports, and lets them discover friendship, cooperation and sportsmanship, which is true enough in Nicole Andres’ case for the summer clinic helped her gain new friends and overcome her shyness.

The sports clinic also drives young ones to stay fit and healthy by engaging themselves in various physical activities included in the training. Lara Jean was enrolled by her dad at BEST Center to lose weight. The training not only helped her become fit, it also made her better in the sport as she was awarded one of the Most Improved Players in her level.

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