May 052013

MANILA, Philippines – Businesses should consider hiring individuals that take part in programs seeking to expand educational opportunities, to get employees that have leadership skills and to be able to contribute to improving the quality of education in the Philippines.

Speaking at the joint membership meeting of the Management Association of the Philippines and Makati Business Club (MBC), Wendy Kopp, co-founder and chief executive officer of Teach for All, said businesses could play a role in improving the quality of education in the country.

She said businesses could consider hiring individuals that become involved in programs similar to those being undertaken by organizations which are part of the Teach for All network, which seek to improve teaching in schools.

“Business people can consider this as an excellent leadership training program,” she said.

Teach for All is a global network of national organizations working to expand educational opportunities in their respective countries.

These national organizations recruit promising future leaders to teach for two years in high-need schools and to work throughout their lives as leaders in the classroom, in education and across all sectors to address the root cause of educational need.

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Here in the country, Teach for the Philippines which is an official network partner of Teach for All, has recruited 54 fellows who are spend its the next two years teaching in 10 of the highest-need public schools in Quezon City.

Kopp said hiring individuals that take part in programs such as those being undertaken by members of Teach for All would not only allow businesses to get employees with leadership skills, but would likewise allow them to contribute in improving the quality of education in the Philippines.

If businesses would consider hiring individuals that take part in such programs, more people would be encouraged to take part in these initiatives Kopp said.

Kopp noted that the inadequate number of teachers is among the reasons for lack of skills of graduates.

MBC chairman Ramon del Rosario Jr. told reporters yesterday that hiring individuals engaged in such programs could be adopted as a policy by some companies here.

“There are companies who look at people like that (or those involved in such programs) as ideal employees. I would not be surprised if it happens here,” he said.

He said businesses support initiatives on improving the quality of education here as it is seen to have an impact on the economy.

The low quality of education, he said, could lead to declining quality and work readiness of the country’s graduates.

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