Aug 072013

Ogie Alcasid (center) with TV5 president and CEO Noel Lorenzana and chief entertainment content officer Wilma Galvante at the contract-signing held Tuesday afternoon

MANILA, Philippines – Ogie Alcasid has formally joined TV5 family as he signed an exclusive contract last Tuesday with Kapatid Network president and CEO Noel Lorenzana and chief entertainment content officer Wilma Galvante. 

“I’m very excited to work again,” said Ogie. “That, for a long time…of course, we need to wait for the right time and this day has finally come. I’ve been waiting for this moment so I’m excited.”

Ogie’s contract, according to Wilma, is “perpetual.” That being said, does it automatically mean that the singer-songwriter’s three-year binding contract with the network, as stated in the press release, can go beyond the agreed term? “It’s a long-term contract,” confirmed Ogie.

“I’m happy that we will be working together again. I was there when he first signed a contract with GMA and now I’m also here when he signed a contract again,” Wilma offered. “Although nag-kahiwalay kami sa trabaho, we always keep in touch naman; hindi kami talaga nagkahiwalay.”

Asked about his decision to move to another network, Ogie said, “You know that Mr. Manny Pangilinan is my godfather; ninong ko s’ya sa una kong kasal at ganun din sa pangalawa pero sana wala ng susunod hahaha, so when the offer came sabi ko, ‘Why not?.’ And you know before I made this (decision). I spoke to the management (of GMA) and I’m happy for their blessings.”

Ogie said GMA chair and CEO Felipe Gozon expressed his support to whatever he plans to do. “And everybody is happy, walang samaan ng loob. Maganda yung maayos ang lahat.”

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With his musical talent, Ogie will be mainly involved in aspects concerning music. He is in charge in all of the Kapatid shows’ music content. “Basically, lahat ng gagamitin as theme songs for the show will come from me. Of course, I will still compose (songs) and but mostly for TV5. Basta lahat ng music content, more on the creative (side).”

But acting won’t definitely take the backseat. Wilma shared that several shows are already in the drawing board for Ogie. He is set to do a musical show, a comedy show and even a soap. “We will be announcing them soon.”

For his part, Noel said, “There are lots of new, fresh content that we are preparing for Ogie that actually will appeal to a wide range of people, especially the young ones. I think the reason he asked for prayers earlier because from this time, from Day One, he will be working already (laughs). There’s a lot of different genre programs we’re planning to do — there’s comedy, musical shows, game shows — so from that he will be very busy, except in some point where he will be in-charge of the musical content. “

Asked if a musical variety show is also in the line-up, Wilma replied, “It’s in the pipeline but it would be a lot more different from the kind of musical variety show we have now.”

As to when it will happen, Wilma said, “Next month.”

Right after the interview ended, Ogie shared the melody “that keeps playing on my mind, here goes, Saan man, kailanman Kapatid.”

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