Jul 082017


Luis Manzano (MNS photo)

With the recent announcement that Liza Soberano will portray the role of Darna in an upcoming film adaptation, speculations arose anew about a possible “Captain Barbell” movie.

Along with such talk came suggestions from netizens on who they think should play the Pinoy superhero.

Among the names that have been floated is that of Luis Manzano, but the television host was quick to quash the idea, saying he is not a “big star” to even be considered.

He also thinks being the son of Edu Manzano, who portrayed Captain Barbell in the 1986 movie of the same title, doesn’t give him the edge.

In 2013, ABS-CBN won the rights to “Captain Barbell” and 12 other titles for characters created by Mars Ravelo.

Aside from Manzano, some netizens also think Enrique Gil is a good choice for the role. Gil is the onscreen partner and rumored boyfriend of Soberano. (MNS)

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