Aug 202014

MANILA, Philippines – With the globe’s attention on the World Cup still fresh, it’s inevitable that Filipinos hope that the national team, the Azkals, will someday clinch a spot. Considering that there was zero focus on the sport before the Azkals came along, and the phenomenal strides the team has taken in a relatively short period of time, it seems that it won’t be long before the Pinoy booters will be seen playing in the most-watched sporting event in the world. 

One of the players working hard to make this happen is Anton del Rosario (photo), who has been playing for the Azkals since 2003 and was part of the historic team that won the 2010 ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Suzuki Cup held in Vietnam and Indonesia. Having played the sport for over a decade, Anton knows football from the inside-out, and considers it primarily as a mental game.

“Playing football is my therapy,” he says. “When I play, I don’t have to think about things outside of football. More often than not, I’m happy in the field.”

Certainly, football is also a very physical game. It is something that Anton prepares for by eating well, sleeping anywhere from seven to eight hours in a day and practicing in the field six days a week. In between training, Anton hits the gym to keep his body in tiptop shape.

Another factor in his health arsenal is C-Lium Fibre, a fiber supplement made from 100-percent natural psyllium fiber. Anton says that it makes him feel light, something that is crucial for a sport that demands him to cover distances and tests his limits.

“C-Lium makes me feel lighter,” he says. “And feeling lighter helps give a little bounce to my step.”

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Even before he was tapped to become the brand ambassador of C-Lium, Anton, who is a native of San Francisco, California, already heard about the fiber supplement from his friend’s dad, whom he describes as a “serious health buff.” His curiosity stoked, the 5’11” athlete tried it.

For someone who lives an active lifestyle, Anton underscores the importance of fiber in one’s diet, in tandem with the protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats one consumes for daily nourishment.

“Fiber is necessary in your diet because I believe it helps cleanse your system,” he says. “By being clean from the inside, you feel lighter. And because I feel lighter, I feel that I have a surplus of energy.”

It seems that he needs all the energy he can get now that Anton has been reinstated back to the Azkals, where he hopes to “be able to take a leadership role as an experienced player.” He has had training in this department, having been the team leader of Kaya Football Club, which is under the United Football League.

Though he may be pushing himself constantly and setting his limits high, Anton says that he keeps things in check by also taking care of the other things that matter to him. For instance, he makes sure that he gets to play football with his son Myles. “We already have Myles playing at the Kaya Academy and he loves it,” he says. “It’s good to have him involved at a young age.”

By all indications, Anton is at the top of his game. It helps that he has everything covered — from his professional to his personal life, from diet to exercise, from good sleep to fiber supplementation. With a healthy lifestyle, it’s no surprise that Anton can go the extra mile.

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