Jul 312014
 Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia (MNS Photo)

Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia (MNS Photo)

What made Coleen Garcia finally agree to be Billy Crawford’s girlfriend?

Sinundo ko pa siya sa airport kasi kakarating lang niya galing States. Sabi niya, ‘Can you be my girlfriend?’ Sabi ko, ‘Okay’, pero nakailang tanong siya muna,” Garcia said.

“I just felt like asking again,” Crawford added.

Although their relationship has only become official recently, Garcia and Crawford have always been open about their feelings for each other.

Kasi it was like we were already there anyway and all that was missing was really the label. Pero ‘yung feelings naman, it’s been there naman,” Garcia said.

Asked why she finally said ‘yes’, Garcia said it was because Crawford gets along really well with her family.

“I think that’s what really matters to me also, that’s what I was waiting for. I really want him to get along with my family. Pero the fact na pati ‘yung pamilya namin, they get along, it’s really a big bonus,” she added.

“She knows exactly what I feel for her. I really also just want to be the best man I can be, learn from my mistakes and be there for her,” said Crawford.

Garcia also said she considers Crawford as a best friend.

“I love you,” Crawford said, to which Garcia replied, “I love you too.” (MNS)

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