Lea Cruz-Inocian

Jan 232018

In mid-2017, the Department of Foreign Affairs reported that around 618,000 Filipinos work in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). While Filipinos are known to be joyful and to go over and beyond the call of duty, it is not everyday that other people would commend the Filipino spirit and express their gratitude.

That is exactly what Emirati online celebrity, Al Ameri did. This vlogger based in Abu Dhabi posted a YouTube video saying that Filipinos have made his country “a better place.” He honored those working as teachers, artists, technicians and those in service industries. He showed them smiling and waving at the camera.

“The tag line of the Philippines is ‘It’s more fun in the Philippines,’ and that is what the Filipino community have brought to this country,” he said.

“I wanna thank them for one thing in particular … their joy of life, their kindness, their ability to smile no matter what, and through that, they make this country a better place,” he added.

“And from my family, on behalf of my country, I say, ‘maraming salamat po,’” said Al Ameri.

He has over 428,000 followers on Facebook and as of today, the video has had 3.8 million views and shared 127,384 times.

Thousands of Filipinos commented, thanking Al Ameri for his appreciation.

Jan 202018
PHLPost Releases Commemorative Stamps of National Artists

The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) is releasing commemorative stamps of 6 Filipino National Artists, marking their 2017 Birth Centenary. They are Cesar Legaspi for visual arts, Daisy Avellana for film and theater, Jose Maceda for music, Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero national for theater, Leonor Orosa Goquingco for dance and Nick Joaquin for literature. PHLPost said that […]

Jan 192018
Valenzuela City Welcomes its “Paw-lice” Force

The Valenzuela city police force recently got new comrades in their fight against drugs and terrorism. They now have six canine dogs to help keep the city safe as the “paw-lice” force. Last January 12, Mayor Rexlon Gatchalian introduced their new teammates – Jhunjay and Zeus who are Labrador Retrievers; Onyok, a Jack Russel; Zanjo, […]

Jan 072018
The Dessert Museum Opens on February 2018

Now that we’re done celebrating Christmas and New Year, we can look forward to other exciting holidays this 2018. February, the sweetest month of the year, is about to get sweeter. The Dessert Museum, the very first eat as you play experience in Asia is opening its 8 mouthwatering rooms of sugar-filled happiness during the […]

Dec 182017
Tacloban City Evacuee Returns Home for Her Dogs during Tropical Storm Urduja

Janet Romulon, an evacuee in Tacloban City, braved the strong winds and the heavy downpour of Tropical Storm Urduja. She returned home from the evacuation center last December 16 because her 3 dogs were stuck inside the house and she was worried about their safety. Photo via Rappler “They’re stuck inside the house. I returned to make sure they’re all right,” Romulon said to Rappler.  We often hear people say that “dogs are family”.  Romulon proved it with her actions. No pets were allowed at the evacuation center where Romulon’s family and 750 others sought protection and shelter. Tacloban was declared under the state of calamity. Eight barangays were hit by landslides and a minimum of 80 barangays were flooded because of the unrelenting rain. While no casualties have been reported to date, two locals were injured by a landslide.

Dec 112017
How To Rent Your Own Bazaar Space in Metro Manila

Christmas is just around the corner and entrepreneurs know that this is the best time to sell products. For many years, bazaars have been the popular venue to do product testing. Budding business owners would join one to see how the market responds to whatever it is that they have to offer. It’s smart and very practical. All they have to do is devote a couple of days versus renting a mall space that would require security deposits and a long-term commitment. There are success stories wherein brands that began as stalls in bazaars became established businesses that many of us know today. These are Mary Grace Café, Snoe Beauty and S&H Fashion to name a few. Not even the rising popularity of e-commerce seems to be affecting the attraction of shoppers to bazaars especially during Christmas. If you want to take advantage of the season, Entrepreneur Philippines compiled the bazaar fees around the metro for your guidance. Photo via Entrepreneur Philippines There are 3 things that greatly affect bazaar rates. The first is location. Renting a space in strategic, sought after venues such as the SMX Convention Center would obviously be more expensive than renting a space in less popular areas. That is one of the reasons why joining the Trendsetter’s Bazaar could cost up to Php 2,041.70 per square meter. The date of the bazaar can also affect the fees. The general rule is the closer the date is to Christmas day, the more expensive it gets because Read More …

Dec 112017
Miss Universe 2017 Candidates Fall for Bohol’s Natural Beauty

Three of the most beautiful women in the universe recently visited Panglao, Bohol to promote Philippine Tourism. Miss Universe Malaysia Samantha James and Miss Universe Russia Kseniya Alexandrova, together with our very own Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters posted photos of their visit last Friday: all smiles and undoubtedly having a great time. Tourism Philippines mentioned that Peters played the role of host as she showed off the beauty of one of the best beaches in the country. The lovely ladies were obviously impressed with Ms. Malaysia saying that she wants to come back and Ms. Russia calling the island a “fabulous paradise”. Let’s take a look at some of their snaps with Bohol’s white sand beach in the background. Photo via Tourism Philippines Instagram Photo via Tourism Philippines Instagram