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Money isn't everything but it sure means something.

Having money simply means that you can afford to buy what others can’t. You can enjoy travelling to places you’ve never been before.  While your newfound freedom allows you to experience new pleasures, remember that there is a responsibility in your new found success.


No matter how successful and rich you are, remember the people who believed in you and helped you when you were just starting.

I’m really so thankful of the following people who believed in me and helped me.

Meron nga tayong kasabihan, “Ang taong hindi marunong lumingon sa kanyang pinanggalingan ay may stiff neck.”


Gambling is a game of chance.

You do not want to bet your future on chance.

Success doesn't happen by chance, it is achieved based on the daily choices we make.

If you think you are going to make easy and quick money through gambling, you are just cheating yourself. The odds are always against you.

Because the banker always wins.

Give me one casino that closed because they lost money.

Did you know that the former NBA star Charles Barkley once admitted that he lost $2.5 million in six hours by gambling?

Never even entertain the idea of trying it just for fun.

Because gambling is addictive. Once you are hooked it is just like drugs, you will have a hard time kicking off the bad habit.


If your friends would ask you to try it, be bold and courageous to tell them upfront “No!” You might say, “there is no harm in trying, I’m sure I can stop whenever I want.” Well, that is what most addicts say when they started.

You cannot control addiction, addiction will control you. That‘s the reason why it is called addiction.

When you are addicted, you will become unproductive, schizophrenic and you can lose everything you’ve worked hard for in a blink of an eye.

***How many people who are hooked into addiction?  I’ve witnessed career is shattered.

Families broken.

Be wise!


Your newfound success will now attract people. That is the reason why I always say, “Money is relative, the more money you have, the more relatives you have.” People have intentions, either good or bad. You might attract people who want to use you or get something from you.

You need to be even more careful of the people you meet and take steps in choosing the right companions, or else you could lose everything you worked so hard for all because of users who want to take advantage of your weakness.

That is the reason why it’s extremely important that you maintain a close group who you are accountable to. These are the groups of people who can tell you, that you have bad breath, your attitude stinks, and that you are becoming proud or arrogant. These are the people who can bring you back in line so that you won’t get off the track of where you want to go.

We all need these types of people. That is the reason why I surround myself with wise people.

And I allow them to speak into my life, the moment they see that I’m moving towards the wrong direction. I grant them permission to bring me back on track.


When people reach a certain level of success, it can be easy to lose sight of your past – your simple way of life when you were starting. Remember the times, when you had no money. You cannot afford a decent meal. You cannot even pay for a cab ride. You cannot buy the clothes and shoes you like.

How you’ve worked so hard and were able to overcome many challenges and seasons in your life.

How you are living your dream, your passion and your aspirations in life.

Learning how to look back keeps your feet on the ground and makes you become more grateful and thankful of what you have accomplished.

That’s why I believe God allowed me to achieve a certain level of success, not only to let me live and be merry for the rest of my life but to also be able to help others to become successful. I know there is a purpose and a reason for everything. Everything happens for a reason.

God wants to bless you and me, so that we can be a blessing to others.

It is my time to give back. It is my time to help others to reach their dreams.

That’s the reason why I will never grow tired of what I’m doing.

I will continue to share the idea of financial education and inspiration to others.

God has given me hope, to give hope to others.

God has given me the gift to produce wealth so that I can also teach others to become wealthy.

This is my calling and my purpose in life. I want to you also to become wealthy and debt-free.

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