Sep 042013

MANILA, Philippines – TV rivals ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp. and GMA Network Inc. claimed to have fortified their respective rating leadership for the month of August.

ABS-CBN said in a statement that it managed to sustained its nationwide leadership by having the most number of households watching its shows whole day.

ABS-CBN enjoyed its biggest lead on primetime from 6pm to 12 midnight with an average audience share of 47 percent or 15 points higher than GMA’s 32 percent.

ABS-CBN also ruled primetime in other key territories like in areas in Luzon outside Mega Manila with 49-percent audience share compared to GMA’s 33 percent as well as the Visayas where it registered 57 percent versus GMA’s 24 percent.

It also dominated Mindanao with 62 percent or three times GMA’s 21-percent share.

Primetime is the most important time block when most Filipinos watch TV and advertisers put a larger chunk of their investment to reach more consumers efficiently.

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ABS-CBN’s primetime supremacy also drove its dominance in terms of total day audience share, hitting an average audience share of 41 percent as compared to GMA’s 34 percent.

ABS-CBN has tapped Kantar Media that uses a nationwide panel size of 2,609 urban and rural homes that represent 100 percent of the total Philippine TV viewing population.

Not to be outdone, GMA said in a separate statement that it grabbed the nationwide TV ratings leadership in August on the back of its strong performance in the daytime blocks.

GMA said it triumphed over ABS-CBN in National Urban Television Audience Measurements (NUTAM) ratings with a 34.3-percent total day audience share compared to ABS-CBN’s 33.7 percent and TV5’s 12.9 percent.

The broadcast firm owned by the Gozon, Duavit, and Jimenez families said it bested ABS-CBN in the morning and afternoon blocks in NUTAM with 32.3 and 36.2 percent, respectively, higher than the latter’s 30.5 and 30.3 percent.

GMA was ahead of TV5 across all day parts in NUTAM.

Likewise, GMA continued to dominate in viewer-rich Urban Luzon and Mega Manila, which respectively account for 76 percent and 59 percent of the total urban television households in the country.

Leading across all day parts, GMA recorded an average total day household share of 38.2 percent in Urban Luzon, outscoring ABS-CBN’s 29.8 percent by 8.4 points and TV5’s 12.2 percent by 26 points.

Owing to its winning performance across all timeblocks, GMA kept its stronghold over its bailiwick, Mega Manila, with a commanding 39.7 percent total day household audience share higher by 11.7 points than ABS-CBN’s 28 percent and by 26.8 points than TV5’s 12.9 percent.

Both ABS-CBN and GMA booked higher earnings in the first half of the year due to non-recurring political ads.

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