Jun 272013

Licensed gun owners applying for permits to carry firearms outside their homes may have to comply with added requirements, including biometrics samples, the Philippine National Police said Thursday.

“All licensed gun-owners applying for gun-carrying privileges are now required to personally submit their biometric fingerprint specimen and photograph as mandatory requirements for issuance of (PTCFOR),” it said.

The PNP said the new administrative requirements will be used for adjusting records in the Firearms Information Management System (FIMS) database.

Such adjustments aim to “further improve the processes in the issuance of firearms licenses and permits.”

For his part, PNP spokesman Senior Superintendent Reuben Sindac said these processes also seek to boost the campaign against “delinquent gun owners and those in possession of loose firearms.”

Meanwhile, the PNP said it will continue to implement Oplan “Katok” or house visits on licensed gun owners, to verify the current status of the guns and its registered owners.

In the last six months, the PNP conducted 464,996 house visits on registered gun owners with expired licenses, to remind them to update their firearms records.  — ELR, GMA News

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