Apr 252013

MANILA, Philippines – The Bureau of Customs (BOC) has signed an agreement with its counterpart agency in the Netherlands to boost trade, border control and protection between the two countries.

Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon said the agreement is intended to strengthen the application of customs laws and enhance information sharing between the two countries as part of their fight against smuggling.

The accord opens up the communication line between the Customs agencies of the Philippines and the Netherlands in terms of addressing the problems on cross-frontier trafficking of illicit goods ranging from narcotic drugs, hazardous goods, endangered species and other contraband commodities that could pose danger to society.

The most salient feature of the agreement is the establishment of a working co-operation between the two countries in putting-up the parameters for the accurate valuation and assessment of customs duties and taxes on all goods shipped between the Philippines and the Netherlands.

The agreement has practically tightened the customs operational procedures between the Philippines and the Netherlands, eventually translating in more revenue collection for all trade between the two countries.

Apart from border protection, Biazon said the mutual cooperation is part of the BOC’s overall plan to enhance the country’s trade facilitation with the global economy and regain public’s trust in the agency.

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Just recently, the Philippines and Russia signed an agreement on mutual administrative assistance in customs matters.

The landmark agreement would establish the connectivity of the two customs administrations in fighting transnational crimes, commercial fraud and curbing customs offenses.

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