Sep 142014

After their informative talks, Maria Ressa (center) and Kenneth Cobonpue (right) shared the stage with RJ Ledesma to answer questions from students during the open forum.

Just two weeks ago, we had a very successful run of our Creativity and Innovation Summit in Cebu. We were delighted to see the participants so engrossed in the discussion and actively jotted down notes as a reference for their future entrepreneurial endeavors. It gave us a positive feel that there is now greater awareness and enthusiasm in developing and empowering everyone to achieve his or her dreams and become more successful in life. We came there with a mission to inspire, but we were the ones who got inspired by these determined individuals.

I do believe that Cebu is a land of creativity and innovation. Because of their mindset, world-class products from well-awarded entrepreneurs became available in our market. Their love and pride for their culture add to the character of the products.

We were glad to have Sen. Bam Aquino, Kenneth Cobonpue, Maria Ressa, Jay Aldeguer, Justin Uy, Josiah Go, Johnlu Koa and other distinguished guests in our program. They shared their stories and gave advice to the aspiring entrepreneurs in the audience. For sure, there were many empowered individuals who will now take their step towards entrepreneurship.

This is what we are doing in Go Negosyo. We do not just hold seminars and summits just for the sake of having them. Instead, we have the vision and mission to develop Filipinos to be enterprising.

Let me share with you some of our photos during the Creativity and Innovation Summit in Cebu.

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