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AS TEMPTING as it can be to stockpile your shoe closet with feathery, sparkly, sky-high heels, we’ll grudgingly admit it’s not the most practical strategy.

For me, women should own always-chic flats to save you from what-to-wear moments, and some painful blisters.

Yosi Samra is every women’s must have’s, its wide array of designs that exude simple and relaxed elegance, color and material proved that Yosi Samra shoes will literally never go out of style.

Other flat shoes come and go but only one flat is forever: the ballet flat. Therefore, invest in a high-quality, designer pair, that’s where Yosi Samra comes in.

Yosi Samra revolutionizes women’s shoes, the first to pioneer classy, stylish, yet comfortable shoes that one can easily stash in a tiny purse, the iconic fold up ballet flats, definitely a go casual Friday shoe.

In a breezy afternoon at Abreeza Mall last December 4, the celebrity favorite shoes showcased to media, bloggers and fashionista’ its 2014 Holiday Collection during Abreeza Malls’s monthly Fashion Forum.

Present during the event was Yosi Samra’s Fashion Group head Johanna Chua and YS Philippines brand manager Rina Malamug, who gladly discussed Yosi Samra’s newest collection, eagerly answering every question threw unto her.

“Everyone here as I can see, half of the women in Mindanao are wearing heels, so Yosi Samra is a perfect shoes to go after wearing a killer heels and still feel the fashion, without being too casual. That said, Yosi Samra is playing around or mixing up with colors, we do showcase different hues for different material,” she said when asked why Yosi Samra is recommended for Mindanao women.

Yosi Samra’s inventive footwear was such a hit; it even got scores of celebrity fans that included Anne Hathaway, Kardashians, Kris Aquino and even stiletto-junkie Sex and the City, Carrie a.k.a. Sarah Jessica Parker.

Yosi Samra’s brief history started with a young man, who is no stranger to the shoe industry. . His father owned a shoe factory in New York where Samra worked as his apprentice. This was where he fine-tuned his skills not only how to design shoes, but more importantly, how to make them. He eventually mastered the craft of shoemaking that set him apart from other shoe designers.

Samra dropped out of college in his senior year when his father became ill. He had no choice but to take over the family business. Years later, when he owned a nightlife business, he would see women walking around barefoot in the club, carrying their stilettos in one hand and their tiny clutch bag in the other.

He began to realize that there was a need that wasn’t being met. Women needed classy, stylish, yet comfortable shoes that would fit in a tiny purse. This was what gave him the idea for his most iconic fold up ballet flat.

Yosi Samra’s shoes are dependable and 100% leather it is highly recommended must-have. For someone who loves to wear killer heels, and for someone’s whose feet got bruised and toes got cramps, knees hurt and lower back pain after wearing those killer heels, Yosi Samra is a signature product that can ease the hurt.

After admitting recently that she damaged her feet, that it created extra bones to years of wearing heels, Sarah Jessica Parker’s love affair with Yosi Samra shoes is now a classic story, and indeed it is a foot saver.

When asked if Yosi Samra is a bit pricey for flats, Malamug said: “Although everyone loves a bargain, when it comes to shoes, scrimping is a bad idea. Shoes must be of the highest quality that your budget can stretch to. Quality is important in terms of foot health, but also, because shoes tend to last longer. It is false economy to purchase cheap, low-quality, shoes, firstly because in the long run you will spend more money replacing them, but also, because in the short-term they are not conducive to foot health.”

I have mine to boast, and for this Christmas season, I dare you to get a pair of your own, Yosi Samra is worth the buy, with its ultra-flexible design, fabulous colors and super comfy fit with a stunning flair.

Famous for smooth, clean lines, Yosi Samra designs exude simple and relaxed elegance, while still keeping customers captivated by incorporating playfulness in the choice of color and material.

The Yosi Samra 2014 Holiday Collection stays true to the brand’s philosophy. It boasts an array of comfortable flats like the different variations of the Samara, the orly, the Abbey, and the Samantha to name a few.

Guest were treated to a raffle draw, giving away eight pairs of Yosi Samra shoes to the delight of attendees, a visit at the Yosi Samra shop located at the 2nd Flr. of Abreeza Mall and tasty cocktails prepared by TGI Fridays, it was indeed a great afternoon.

Thanks to Cheekie Albay & Shim More for the invite, we all had the fun.


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Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on December 10, 2014.

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