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Fire walk with me: Coach Cherry Pua-Africa (second from right) strengthens teamwork, leadership and communication through her “Ignite the Fire in You” boot camp from April 21-25.

MANILA, Philippines – Success always starts with your first step. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can supercharge your life so that you can break through your doubts, gather your inner energies and push you or your team on the road to success. It is a set of insights and skills that help transform your mindset, language patterns and behavior so you can maximize your greatest gifts.

One of the tools in NLP utilized to empower you to walk through your fears is to fire-walk. It might seem initially weird or absurd but for a lot of people across the globe, it works.

Brought to the Philippines by Cherry Pua-Africa, fire walking has been gaining a tremendous following in other countries. It is used as a metaphor to describe individuals who conquer their fears through the power of their minds.

“It disables self-doubt, limiting beliefs, fears, and even bad habits like procrastination and lethargy, and turns you into a person with a powerful psychology and winning physiology or state,” says Pua-Africa. “It is also a transformative team-building tool. Team members are pulled into a cohesive and committed team because they now share a common experience.”

By walking barefoot on a bed of red-hot (600°C) embers or stones, you fire up your spirit and unleash the inner fire within yourself. Before the actual fire-walking activity, participants undergo a half-day workshop on goal setting and personal transformation called “Ignite the Fire In You” geared towards individuals, businesses, and corporations.

People need not worry since the activity is carried out in a controlled environment with the supervision of fire-walking experts. Pua-Africa herself has walked more than 130 times on a bed of hot coals. 

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She points out that a participant must make his/her mind and body congruent with each other in order not to feel pain.  “On some occasions when I didn’t max up my mind-over-matter state, I occasionally experienced hot spots or kisses, which are ‘blisters’ in fire lingo. I can measure the level of mind-body congruence with the results I get. Isn’t this also so true in life?”

However, transformation doesn’t stop there. An individual can sustain the momentum and move to the next level, the level of action. Pua-Africa also offers support through the Fascination Advantage System and Skills-Based training programs. 

For participants who want to go more extreme than fire walking, Pua-Africa allows them to walk on a 50-pound bed of shattered glass, break an eight-inch brick, snap a cedar arrow, and bend an eight-foot rebar using only their necks — activities supported by strong conceptual frameworks built around NLP and Fascinate.

“A number of movers and shakers from all over the globe have joined the ranks of modern-day fire walkers like billionaire Oprah Winfrey, comedian Lenny Henry, and so many more,” Pua-Africa discloses.

Professionals can sign up through their companies for the three-day Boot Camp in April.  Students can also join the Ignite the Fire in You Boot Camp from April 21-25. Contact Cherry Pua Africa at 0917-617-9774 or follow her on Facebook (Coach Cherry Africa).

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