Feb 282013

MANILA, Philippines — Rivals Globe Telecom and Philippine Long Distance Telecommunications Co. continue to wage a bitter fight over interconnection problems.

Globe has urged PLDT to address  the interconnection problems  in several areas in the past three days.

In a statement, Globe reported  that problems began  February 25.

The telco recalled that at around 8 p.m. last February 25, the local interconnection with PLDT in the province of Bulacan was monitored to be out-of-service. It was relayed immediately to PLDT and initial investigation showed the problem was owing to the unavailability of Signaling Link. 

The PLDT team advised Globe that they will look into the problem and perform a reset if necessary.

Globe revealed that since year 2012, the POIs with PLDT have experienced problems on the signaling link at PLDT side, prompting globe to perform a reset of these signaling links. 

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On February 26, at around 12 p.m., other North Luzon local interconnections with PLDT (La Union, Baguio, Tarlac, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija) also went out-of-service,  still owing to the unavailability of signaling links.

The case was again brought  to PLDT ‘s attention. PLDT informed Globe that they forwarded the concern to their technical teams and will update Globe accordingly.

Yet on the morning of February 27, the local POIs were still out-of-service and PLDT was unable to give  any reason for it. Given the amount of time and the inconvenience to Globe’s customers, it became necessary for Globe to issue a public advisory to inform their subscribers.

Globe  urged PLDT  to solve the problem expeditiously to prevent further inconvenience to customers.

Globe said all of its transmission facilities are working in peak condition especially in light of the telco’s $700 million network modernization program.

Meanwhile, PLDT announced Thursday its interconnection facilities serving Northern Luzon is operating normally, contrary to an “erroneous advisory” issued by Globe to its subscribers on Wednesday.  

PLDT in its statement said other carriers  such as BayanTel and Digitel are not experiencing any trouble in the same interconnection gateway facility that Globe is using.

PLDT added the interconnection problems being experienced by Globe in Northern Luzon are caused by problems in Globe’s network and transmission facilities. PLDT has already invited Globe representatives for a joint testing to address the problems.

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