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MANILA, Philippines – It is understandable that during hotter days, getting enough hydration is important, but even in colder days dehydration is still possible because you still lose important liquids for your bodily functions. That is why, it is important to keep hydrated all the time — on any weather or season.

And here’s the explanation why:

According to athletic trainer Kim Kandler of the New London Family Medical Center, dehydration, which means the loss of too much fluid from the body, “does not occur just during the hot days of summer. During the cooler months it is also very easy to become dehydrated.”

Kandler said outdoor activities cause people to lose body fluids in the same manner whether it is the cold season or the hot season. She pointed out that cold dry air, wind chill, sweating, inadequate fluid intake and even shivering, are common factors that can cause dehydration even in a cold environment.

To sustain the regular functions of the body, it is important that people consume water because the body also tends to lose it through bodily activities like urination, sweating profusely, diarrhea and fever attacks, and even when doing simple acts like breathing.

Kandler also said the body’s temperature level should be regulated through hydration because if it is not, dehydration sets in that will affect both physical and mental performance.

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A suggestion, particularly for those who are physically active regardless of the season, is to have fluids readily accessible and ready for consumption before a physical workout. While cold weather contributes to the suppression of thirst, warm weather, on the other hand, is when the body loses valuable electrolytes (salt and potassium).

Kandler also suggested the intake of sports drinks, usually with enough supply of electrolytes, and not just water to help replenish our bodily fluids after an extensive physical activity.

People should also shy away from drinking too much of certain beverages like tea, coffee or soda, those that have substantial amounts of caffeine in it, since these liquid types can cause further dehydration by flushing out water from the body. The same goes for alcoholic drinks which can also cause dehydration (people urinate more than the amount of alcohol they consume) and therefore, affect one’s health.

So how does one spot dehydration symptoms? Aside from the urine amount and color, a long and extended gap in-between urination almost automatically means there is dehydration. Take a look at the color as well, which should be light yellow or clear, while a darker shade of yellow would say “rehydrate already.”

In short, drink lots and lots of water every day, all year-round. Whether the air is chilly or sizzling hot, rehydration is a must. And don’t forget to drink water that’s clear and pure — not just any water.

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