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High quality fresh Korean food at the 2013 Korean Food Fair.,kr

High quality fresh Korean food at the 2013 Korean Food Fair.,kr

LOS ANGELES, California – Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation (“aT“) served traditional and fresh foods – Korean style at the ‘K-Food Fair,’ a brand-new trade show in combination of Korean foods and business consultations, on October 22-23 at the Hyatt Regency-LA Downtown Hotel (a.k.a The L.A. Hotel Downtown, 333 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90071).

The 2-day event opened with a media conference for general information regarding Korean Foods and its industry, followed by a panel focused on sharing the knowledge and experience of Korean foods, which was led by two popular chefs, Mr. Bernard Guillas and Ms. Cathlyn Choi. The award-winning Chef Guillas also demonstrated his creation of Korean and French fusion desserts.

As part of the conference, “aT” provided Korean fermented foods and organic products to all attending media correspondents on the opening day of the 2013 Korean Food Fair.

After the media conference, the 2-day trade show held ‘B2B’ consultations between buyers from U.S., Canada, and South America and food companies from Korea.

Experience "Hansik" (Korean food) at a Korean restaurant near you.  Korean food is well known to be healthy and full of flavor.

Experience “Hansik” (Korean food) at a Korean restaurant near you. Korean food is well known to be healthy and full of flavor.

The Fair was designed to provide current and prospective Korean well-being food consumers with an opportunity to gain knowledge, skills and connections to strengthen Korean food exportation.

The 2013 Korean Food Fairs in Shanghai, China and Hanoi, Vietnam, were successful in expanding Korean fermented and organic food industry towards the international market. With the remarkable growth of Korean food consumption, the demand for Korean fermented foods and organic foods in the international market is increasing steadily as well as the need for food and agricultural industry exportation platform.

About Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation (“aT)

“aT” has been founded as Agriculture & Fishery Development Corporation (AFDC) to reduce the gap between the agricultural and manufacturing industry in 1967.

It has been contributing to secure domestic and overseas competitiveness of agricultural products, to increase the incomes of farming and fishing households and balance development of national economy since it had been reformed as Agricultural and Fishery Marketing Corporation (AFMC) for the settlement of marketing & promotional functions in 1986. The business activities of “aT” has expanded to food industry support and Korean food globalization since 2008.


Chef Bernard Guillas

Chef Bernard Guillas

Chef Bernard Guillas serves Hansik  and French Fusion

Chef Bernard Guillas shares his past and present experience of Hansik (Korean Food). Chef Bernard Guillas also shares his knowledge and experience of applying French techniques with traditional Korean ingredients. This technique is also demonstrated with his creation of Korean and French fusion appetizers.

Chef Bernard Guillas Bio:

Executive Chef, Marine Room La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club, Inc.

Hometown: Brittany, France

Author: Flying Pan: Two Chefs, One World



◈ 2000 “Top 10 Chef” (San Diego Reader)

◈ 2001 “Best Chef in San Diego”- Gold Medallion Award Winner  (California Restaurant Association)kf2

◈ 2004 “Chef of the Year” (Chef Magazine)

◈ 2010 “Top 10 Chef” (San Diego Reader)

◈ 2011 Flying Pans “Best Cookbook, Chef or Restaurant Category”


◈ 2011 Flying Pans “People’s Choice” (IACP)


In 1994, award-winning Chef Bernard Guillas joined La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club Inc., located in San Diego, as executive chef. In 2010, he published”, a cookbook chronicling his travels to different corners of the world. His book made it to the top ten at BookExpo America and was selected as one of three finalists by the 2011 IACP (International Association of Cooking Professionals) Cookbook Awards. Guillas’ multiple television appearances added to his roster of impressive credits in addition to being selected as one of fifteen “Rising Star Chefs” (1996). He has appeared in the Food Arts Magazine, the “Rising Star Chef” cookbook, PBS’ “Rising Chef” television series, and has also been a guest on Martha Stewart Living Radio show and KPBS.

When he’s not cooking or writing or traveling, Guillas devotes time to philanthropic pursuits like Slow Food, The Beard House Foundation, Chaine des Rotisseurs, and AIWF. His philosophy is that, “A good cook is like a sorcerer who dispenses happiness on a plate. ”

First introduced to Hansik through Cathlyn’s Korean Kitchen TV show, Guillas has demonstrated keen interest in Korean cuisine over the past several years. Guillas’ love for Korean food and expertise in French cuisine has led him to create fusion dishes at his cooking classes and restaurant, La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club Inc. This includes gungjung toppoki (soy sauce-based toppoki originally served in the royal court) in the full time menu, making it a classic dish among the patrons at his restaurant. Also, as the winner of Top Chef Korean Food Challenge hosted by Cathlyn Choi in 2010, Chef Bernard visited Korea for the first time in 2012. He was invited as a guest lecturer at the Culinary Department of South Korea’s Jeonju University.


kf4Celebrity Chef, Cathlyn’s Korean Kitchen on PBS Food Network

Cathlyn is currently the CEO for CNE Management, a professional event production and marketing firm in San Diego. She is the co-owner of Carma Media & Entertainment specializing in providing professional digital media and event production services. Deemed as a “Korean Food Ambassador”, Cathlyn is the only Korean chef on TV hosting a Korean cooking show in English in the US. Her cooking show titled Cathlyn’s Korean Kitchen, in its fourth season, is currently airing on national PBS. Since 2008, Cathlyn has been actively hosting culinary and cultural events in San Diego namely at the Del Mar Fair, Asian Cultural Festival, Taste of Asia, Asian Cultural Food Festival, Taste of Korea, LA Times Food and Wine Festival, Gourmet Experience Expo, San Diego Bay Food and Wine Festival and San Diego Asian Night Market including Let’s Move. Cathlyn is also the founder of Spirit of Hanin Foundation, actively promoting Korean food and culture in the US through live culinary and cultural events.



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