Aug 062017
Leandro Tayag with his LEGO creation

Leandro Tayag with his LEGO creation

LEGO, the popular toy building bricks for children of all ages, has adopted Pinoy fan designer Leandro Tayag’s design for Voltron: Defender of the Universe as the next Lego toy model set.

Tayag, a software architect based in Malaysia, was congratulated as the next official LEGO Ideas fan designer of the world’s largest toy company in the LEGO Ideas review results.

“We’re really excited to be able to introduce Leandro’s Voltron – Defender of the Universe set,” announced LEGO Ideas.

“Leandro’s project sets itself apart for its creative way to build with LEGO bricks,” declared LEGO Ideas Project Manager Sanne in a video announcement.

Tayag revealed in a podcast how he used over 2,100 LEGO bricks using the LEGO Designer application to create his Voltron model set, including 5 robot lions that combine to form the giant robot. It comes with 6 Pilot mini-figs and a Blazing Sword and shield.

The hobbyist created the Voltron set over 3 weeks, working 2 hours a night after work. The Super Robots fan started the initial design in 2014 but put it aside then went back to it in March 2016, he shared in a LEGO Ideas interview when he was first announced as a 10k member.

LEGO Voltron

The IT professional’s submission to the LEGO Ideas took about 22 days to reach 10,000 supporters – from April 11 to May 3.

The LEGO Ideas Review Board looked at 12 of the most amazing fan designs submitted to the LEGO Ideas that received 10 ,000 supporters from September 2016- January 2017.

Tayag’s Voltron: Defender of the Universe fan design is one of the two chosen fan designs to be adopted as the next LEGO toy models scheduled to be launched in 2018.


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