Jul 112017
Lou Jen Saldo

Lou Jen Saldo [via Facebook]

Fitness trainer, model and athlete Lou Jen Saldo has won the Fitness Universe Championships, and the Ms. Bikini Short Class Champion title of Ms. Bikini Universe in the USA.

Saldo, a member of the Philippine Women’s National Rugby team-the Lady Volcanoes, said she was surprised when she won the international competition titles in her 2 categories.

“Actually, I never expected to win. Since I was still on the jet lag, I knew it would be hard for me to do things especially since the time here and in the Philippines is very different, it was hard to adapt to it,” Saldo admitted in a Fitness Universe statement.

The bodybuilder banked on the world renowned Filipino tenacity and faith in persevering through the difficulties she faced in the foreign environment saying, “I just stayed strong and believed to myself that no matter what happened, I would showcase what I have. I never stopped praying and had a strong faith that I knew I could do this, and I would make it. Smile and Shine.”

Fitness Universe Championships is the first major international competition for Saldo.

The Fitness Universe Champion is a personal fitness trainer, Muaythai instructor and licensed Kickboxing instructor who previously won the Slimmers World International / Ms. Great Bodies 2016.


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