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Bloodworks Lab uses the latest blood diagnostic equipment like the BD FACSCalibur Flowcytometer.

MANILA, Philippines – Blood is one of the most important elements of the human body. Whenever there is suspicion of disease or infection, the usual first course of action is to test the blood for definitive evidence.

There are numerous tests for the blood to determine a person’s state of health. The most common are the complete blood count (CBC), fasting/random blood sugar, cholesterol, lipid profile, blood urea nitrogen and dengue.

Moreover, there are special blood tests that determine one’s immunologic condition. Since these blood tests are important tools in diagnosis, they should be readily available and results should be accurate and prompt.

Most hospitals and laboratories, with their large number of patients, usually take a few days to release test results.

But there is a reputable laboratory in Katipunan, Quezon City that guarantees fast results, i.e. within 24 hours from blood extraction, and which can be electronically sent to the patients. Moreover, it offers home service to patients in the surrounding communities.

Bloodworks Lab offers extensive immunologic tests which have been significantly used by obstetricians in managing patients with unexplained, repeated miscarriages and those with difficulty in conceiving.  Immunologic tests conducted in Bloodworks include: APAS, basic and comprehensive immunology panels, lymphocyte subset Enumeration panels and other  immunology/serology tests.

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Bloodworks Lab is the only stand alone lab in the country that offers these extensive   immunologic tests. It has the latest, state-of-the-art equipment, among which is its own four-color flow cytometer (the third of its kind in the Philippines).

It employs competent, professionally certified medical technologists, led by immuno-pathologist Arvin Faundo, a graduate of the University of the Philippines College of Medicine Class 1996, specializing in hematopathology and stem cell transplantation with training from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, and Bloodworks’ chief medical technologist Mary Antonette Menciano, who is trained in the Clinical Immunology Laboratory of Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in  Chicago for reproductive immunology testing.

The lab  also offers routine tests for blood, urine and stool. It also offers special packages designed for specific sectors  like the Well-Being Package, Diet/Weight  Management Package, Senior Citizen’s Check Up, Pre-Employment Package and cancer screening tests such as prostrate, ovarian and colon.

Bloodworks Lab is located in Elizabeth Hall, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City with a satellite office at Civic Drive, Filinvest, Alabang, Muntinlupa City. Visit their website

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