Oct 152013

About lace: White sheer lace top and floral lace pants, available at the Girls Teens Department of The SM Store

MANILA, Philippines – Lace and crochet — fabrics and textures echoing the beauty of handmade design — are rocking runways in the world’s fashion capitals. Lace is all about romance and femininity, while crochet evokes a boho vibe. Together, these two vintage trends are creating a lot of fashion excitement at the Girls Teens Wear Department of the SM Store. But forget the homemade craft or granny feel — its all about being edgy, fun and cool. Here’s the young and stylish way to wear lace and crochet today:

•Look for dresses with lace or crochet embellishments to try the trend without going all out.

•Add ethnic or boho inspirations for a more sophisticated and versatile twist to your clothing style.

•A black crocheted sweater paired with rough boyfriend jeans strikes the perfect balance between frilly and rough.

•Say it short and sweet by pairing a lace top with a pair of shorts or a skater skirt.

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•Don’t wear crocheted clothing with too many hippie trends, such as wooden platforms, bell bottoms, a hippie headband, or a peasant top.  Too many hippie-esque items will make you look like you are wearing a costume.

•To avoid looking Grandma-esque, pair crochet pieces with tougher items like leather, denim, or boots.  Floral prints can sometimes look too delicate or girly for people’s taste.

•Look for crocheted scarves, beanies and other accessories for a pop of the trend.

The collection is available at Girls Teens Department of The SM Store.

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