Nov 292014

MEGASTAR Sharon Cuneta said she still feels broken over the death of her mother, Mrs. Elaine Gamboa-Cuneta.

The actress wrote a message for her mother and posted it on Facebook.

“I miss you, Mama ko… I know that this is my new normal, and I know that by God’s grace, all will one day settle, and I will get used to it… But I have never known life without you… I am broken, Mommy ko… I had no idea how much it would hurt to lose you…,” she wrote.

Sharon said she had to quietly go on with each day since her mom’s death last November 5. She also asked for forgiveness and wished she could have more time left with her.

“I wish we could have had just a little more time together to become close… to love more… to talk… just to be Mama and baby again… I love you very, very much, Mama ko… I am so sorry for everything I did to hurt you from the time I was little…”

“I still had so much to say to you, but God had to bring you home, and I know He is making you the happiest you’ve ever been… I think of you all day long and cry every day… I know you see me and are just with me all the time, and one day I know I’ll be okay… After all, I am your girl… and you didn’t raise me to be weak and useless.”

“I miss you so, so much… Please kiss Daddy for me… And my two little babies who I never got to see… Please tell them I miss and love them very, very much, too… I love you so much… my heart is in pieces…”

Mrs. Cuneta died due to internal bleeding and complications arising from abdominal surgery.

The wife of late Pasay City mayor Pablo Cuneta was initially confined for abdominal pains on September 2 and was in the intensive care for over seven weeks.

Mrs. Cuneta, 79, was buried at the Manila Memorial Park in Paranaque City. (Sunnex)

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