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All white now: This A. Galang sheer lace skirt and sweater can be paired with contrasting black Nike slipon from Sports Central Mega Fashion Hall.

MANILA, Philippines – SM says yes! It all began when Chanel and Dior sent models down the catwalk wearing gowns and embellished sneakers.

It all began last January when haute couture Chanel and Christian Dior shows sent models down the catwalk wearing one-of-a-kind gowns and embellished colorful sneakers.  Cara Delevigne was unforgettable at the Chanel Haute Couture spring finale in an ethereal white dress and a pair of dreamy white sneakers.

It was not long before stylish celebrities picked up the trend and were sighted in their own versions of sneakers dressing.  It girl Alexa Chung in her Supergas with a knit sweater and mini-skirt ensemble, Taylor Swift’s pretty Keds and flirty day dresses, Kristen Stewart’s edgy Converse or sporty trainers worn with glam dresses, Riri has been shuttling from couture Chanel sneakers worn with lady-like Chanel ensemble to classic Converse pairs worn with charming little dresses.

The stylish set’s fixation for a healthier and more comfortable way of living might have paved the way for the popularity of the athleisure trend, deeming it okay to dress your gym-best anytime, anywhere.  Wearing sneakers with dresses is not only comfortable, but adds a cool factor to any outfit.

Any woman who sees herself as an avid fashion follower knows that sneakers are the season’s “it” shoes.  And sneaker style goes to SM, as these are paired with almost anything — from a classic power suit to pretty printed dresses to metallic skirts.

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The collection is available at selected SM Store and Sports Central outlets. Styles and brands may vary per store. All fashion available at GTWBYSM, SM Woman and Fashion Forum of selected SM Stores.

Fashion by The SM Store

Photos by Mapoo Magracia of Cafeteria

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