Dec 022017

Are you experiencing financial stress lately?

Good news! Why is it good news?

You’re not alone. It’s okay to admit that there are still times you struggle with how to use your money wisely.

Here are a few realities you may be experiencing yourself:

  1. You want to work within your budget but you are also struggling with impulse buying. Worse, no one is giving you tips on how to fight it.
  2. You promised yourself you will start saving and to be fair, you did start to put aside money. But you just couldn’t say no to a random weekend getaway your friends invited you to.
  3. You are spending more than what you are earning.
  4. Your credit card bills are mounting.
  5. You no longer have enough money to spend to last you until the next payday.

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Here’s even better news! YOU can do something about it. Nobody else can fix your financial problems for you other than you. I can teach you all the disciplines needed in order to achieve financial freedom, but YOU have to make a decision to actually follow it.

Here are my thoughts on how you can start to spend your money wisely:


Identify important areas where your money should go first. Think of basic needs and obligations first before your wants.


A budget will act as a guide, a compass that will help you allot certain amounts for specific financial obligations.


The secret to increasing your savings and budget for later R&R is to stick to your budget at ALL times. Spending outside of the budget is a big NO-NO!


Don’t feel bad when everyone you see in the mall is flocking in a store with huge “Sale” signs all over it. Sure, you will get tempted. But trust me, it is better to look away and wait until you have enough to actually buy something you need, or want, even if there is no sale.


Be deliberate in your commitment to put aside money. You are going to thank your younger self later in life for committing to this discipline.


What do you usually spend your money on?
Do you spend your money on important things?
What are your priority expenses that you need to stick to?

To avoid further financial stress, please check out my latest book DIARY OF A PULUBI

(Chinkee Tan is a top Filipino motivational speaker, wealth and life coach whose goal is to inform, educate, motivate, and disturb. His vision is to help people become financially-literate and debt-free. For more info about Chinkee Tan, please visit his fan page at FB, Twitter and Instagram. Also follow VIBER PUBLIC CHAT GROUP search chinkee tan, and VISIONCHINKEE on You Tube for more news and encouragements.

Nov 092017
3 Learning Habits of Successful People

Chinkee Tan Have you ever tried doing a new business or switching to a new career? You are interested in putting your money into something that has the potential of increasing your income and making your future stable. Chances are, you will feel uncomfortable and awkward. There are so many risks and challenges that come with it. It’s normal to have self-doubt when going into something new. But before you take that leap of faith, remember a valuable habit that most highly successful people nurture – CONTINUOUS LEARNING. This is not just learning about the business but also learning how to make yourself better as an employee or an entrepreneur. Here are three steps you can take in order to build the habit of continuous learning. STEP 1: ASSIGN A TIME IN YOUR DAILY ROUTINE FOR LEARNING Choose the most convenient time for you in your normal routine to really sit down and learn something new. Chinese businessman John Gokongwei Jr., owner of Universal Robina Corporation and the brains behind Cebu Pacific and Sun Cellular to mention a few, revealed in an interview that he reads for at least two hours a day. He reads all the available newspapers in the country everyday and several magazines as well. STEP 2: DON’T HESITATE TO INVEST ON LEARNING MATERIALS Consider your learning investments as one of your most VALUABLE ASSETS. Don’t be stingy. The first person to benefit from the things you learn is absolutely YOU. STEP 3: GET READY TO UNLEARN Read More …

Nov 032017
Focus is a Crucial Key to Success

Chinkee Tan Are you easily distracted? Are you the type who sets goals but never really meet them? Well, if you are, you are not alone. This is a personal observation over the years, people get easily distracted. Have you ever said, “I have always wanted to have a business of my own, but I feel that I am too busy and are doing so many things at the same time?” If you want to get started, you just need to decide what you want to do first. No one has ever achieved anything great because of multi-tasking. You can never become great because you are a jack of all trades master of none. If you want to become successful in life, you got to choose what you want to do and learn the discipline of FOCUS. FOCUS on a single business opportunity when you are just starting. When you have succeeded in your first business, then you can move on to another venture. You cannot replicate what does not work. Forbes Magazine’s second richest man in the world in 2016, after earning $12 billion that year, never took his eyes off his goal. He always focused his eyes on the prize, to achieve financial freedom. Because of his focus and dedication, he made the necessary sacrifices. He is known to be THRIFTY. He lives in the same house in Omaha, Nebraska that he bought in the 1950s even before he made his billions. Just like any ordinary person, he Read More …

Oct 252017

Discouragement. Frustration. Hopelessness. Regret. These are just some of the toxic emotions that many entrepreneurs encounter in the course of growing their business. “I don’t think I can do this anymore.” Read Related Story: Grow Your Investment by Growing Your Patience “There’s nothing more I can do to save this business.” “I should not have done this business in the first place.” These are some of the things entrepreneurs tell themselves when they go through toxic emotions. When your business is not going well, is your default trying to find excuses or somebody to blame? Or worse, do you often blame yourself for how things turn out in your business? Reality check! Toxic emotions are sometimes brought about by your NEGATIVE perception of things. Sadly, toxic emotions are also signs of how badly you perceive yourself. Read Related Story: Do You Know of Any Angry Birds? Guess what! Numerous successful entrepreneurs went through MANY FAILURES before they finally got it right. So, you are not alone if you feel like you’re making mistakes and failing one after the other. What is important is you have the presence of mind to REJECT toxic emotions. REJECT negative thoughts in your mind. Renew your mind and be the boss of your emotions – both the good and toxic ones. Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom for two terms, once said, “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” NEVER KILL YOUR ENTHUSIASM. There are at least Read More …

Sep 282017
Grow Your Investment by Growing Your Patience

Chinkee Tan Have you ever asked yourself… “When will I most likely get the return of my investment?” “Why is it taking so long to earn profit?” Are you starting to feel frustrated because you are not seeing any immediate increase on your investment? If you are wondering WHY… Let’s talk about the one virtue that very few people are aware of when it comes to INVESTMENT. That is the ability to develop – PATIENCE. Consider, for instance, the life cycle of a Chinese Bamboo Tree. The Chinese Bamboo Tree is so unique that it will really challenge to the core whoever plants it. In the first year, you will see nothing significant. Second year, nothing. Third, it remains the same. Fourth year, still nothing! Four years after planting it, there will be no observable signs of growth. But on the fifth year, the Chinese Bamboo Tree will grow to 80 feet in six weeks. Did the Chinese Bamboo Tree only grow on the fifth year? Or, was it already growing on the first day it was planted? When it comes to investment, the same principle applies. ANY INVESTMENT REQUIRES PATIENCE Can you imagine if a farmer pulled out the roots even before it reached its fifth year? He transplants it elsewhere thinking that he may have found a more fertile piece of land. Even if he does, he cannot expect it to reach its full potential in less than four years. Why? Because a Chinese Bamboo Tree, when it Read More …

Sep 182017
Do You Know of Any Angry Birds?

Chinkee Tan Do you know someone who is always mad? You talk to them and their face always has a big frown. They are so hard to communicate with because they are often emotional and irritated. These people feel like they are always right. They are never wrong. They don’t compromise during discussions and would turn to anger and be being hot-headed just so they can get what they want. When they are at fault, they will do everything to turn the situation into their favor, or just put the blame on someone else. So stressful! So, what can we do with these angry birds? STAY AWAY FROM NEGATIVE PEOPLE Believe me. These negative people will always be around you. If you can avoid them, then do everything you can to stay away from them. You won’t get anything good from being with them. Remember what they say, “if you surround yourself with angry people you will become an angry bird one day.” What if this angry person is your co-worker? You classmate? Your loved one? Your spouse? If you cannot avoid them, then this is what you need to do… NEVER GIVE IN TO THEIR ANGER RAMPAGE Don’t give in to an angry person’s rage. The reason they get so angry is that they are so full of hate and rage. Do not fall into the trap of having a shouting or a grudge match with these people. It is just like being brought into a wrestling match in Read More …

Sep 012017
5 Things You Should Never Do When You Have Money

Money isn't everything but it sure means something. Having money simply means that you can afford to buy what others can’t. You can enjoy travelling to places you’ve never been before.  While your newfound freedom allows you to experience new pleasures, remember that there is a responsibility in your new found success. NEVER FORGET THE PEOPLE WHO HELPED YOU WHEN YOU WERE STARTING No matter how successful and rich you are, remember the people who believed in you and helped you when you were just starting. I’m really so thankful of the following people who believed in me and helped me. Meron nga tayong kasabihan, “Ang taong hindi marunong lumingon sa kanyang pinanggalingan ay may stiff neck.” NEVER EVER GAMBLE Gambling is a game of chance. You do not want to bet your future on chance. Success doesn't happen by chance, it is achieved based on the daily choices we make. If you think you are going to make easy and quick money through gambling, you are just cheating yourself. The odds are always against you. Because the banker always wins. Give me one casino that closed because they lost money. Did you know that the former NBA star Charles Barkley once admitted that he lost $2.5 million in six hours by gambling? Never even entertain the idea of trying it just for fun. Because gambling is addictive. Once you are hooked it is just like drugs, you will have a hard time kicking off the bad habit. NEVER EVEN Read More …

Aug 252017
Money Can Be A Peace Stealer

Chinkee Tan Are you a worrier? Do you worry about money? About your family and future? If you do, you’re not alone. I also used to worry a lot. I can still remember when I didn’t have enough money to pay my staff. I was so stressed. I couldn’t sleep at night thinking when to get salaries and overhead payment for my business. I would look at my bank book every night before I sleep, when I wake up in the morning, and up to lunchtime. It was so stressful! I really lost my peace of mind. I couldn’t take it anymore and asked for help from one of my mentors, Ariel Marquez. Me: Ariel, I’m so stressed. I don’t know where to get the money for my staff. What am I going to do? Ariel: What are you doing about this problem? Me: Hmmm. Every night, before going to bed, I look at my bank book. I do that in the morning, too. Ariel: Ahhh. The solution is simple. Go to the bank first thing in the morning and withdraw all your money. Give it all away. Me: What?! Did I hear you correctly? That’s all the money I have left and you want me to give it away? I really won’t have anything left for payment. Ariel: What are you doing to do when you get home? You’re going to do the same thing. You’ll look at your bank book. What will you see? Still nothing! Good news! Read More …

Aug 062017
Never Punish Yourself for Your Mistakes

Chinkee Tan Have you done something you deeply regret? Bought something in a sale but never use it at all? Went into a business deal and lost money instead of making money. Someone borrowed money but never paid you back. It may have happened many years ago but you still could not seem to forget it. If you are going through this process, you are experiencing SELF-BLAME. When you are in this mode, you feel that you are a loser. You cannot think straight and you’ve been robbed of your self-confidence. What makes matters worse is that everyone around you seems to be reminding you about this mistake. Before you punish yourself even more, just like to remind you that, “Everyone makes mistakes. Don’t punish yourself for your misgivings.” Name me one person who succeeded in life without making a mistake. It is never about the mistake, it is what you do about it? Do you want to be able to move on? If you are having a hard time, maybe it's because you still haven’t forgiven yourself. Do you know that the hardest thing in this life is to forgive oneself? If you’re having a hard time, I’m the one asking you – PLEASE GIVE YOURSELF ANOTHER CHANCE. If you are able to forgive others, why don’t you forgive yourself? Why are you TOO HARD on yourself? It’s okay to have high standards in life, but if you fall short of your own expectations, give yourself room to grow and Read More …

Jul 292017
Why Do Some People Work So Hard Yet Never Reach Their Dreams?

Chinkee Tan Are you always working overtime but still not getting enough salary? Or maybe you have a lot of sideline work, but still you can’t seem to pay off your debts. Or are you staying up all night to manage and promote your business but still you’re not earning enough? If you answered a resounding YES, then I want to remind you… MAKING MONEY vs. MANAGING MONEY Don’t just spend time making money. You should also allot time managing money. If you’re always working so hard, but still you’re not earning the amount of money that you want, it’s possible that you are not taking care of your resources. Maybe, your strategy in handling your money is wrong. Maybe it’s time for you to learn about new ways to handle your finances. Take your time so that you can learn. Don’t overwork and disregard opportunities for you to learn. As the saying goes, “Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.” “It’s not about how much money you MAKE, but how much money you SAVE.” Even if the money that you are earning is big, if the money that you are spending is also big, then it counts as nothing. Maybe you’re always so busy at work that’s why you have no time to manage your income. The long hours that you put in your work will not amount to anything without the proper handling of your finances. Always remember, “Everything in excess is bad.” That’s why we need Read More …