May 282013

Our govt should pull-out all the OFWs in Taiwan… move them to Malaysia or any other country.

Let’s see whose e****my will collapse… our govt should provide them (OFWs) with livelihood programs, train them through TESDA…

And let’s not send OFWs to both China and Taiwan… those countries are the worst criminal on earth… especially in Piracy.

US govt are so dumb and stupid they invested in China, due to low manpower cost.

Now, China are stealing all those technology from them through reverse engineering.

And they became a military superpower.

I just saw on TV how the Chinese were able to steal even the US fighter planes technology and they were able to copy the US’s war planes.

China will beat the US not in WAR, but on e****mic warfare… they have all the US monetary (money) stashed in their country. And they are tra****ing Euro money not US dollar.

I****S will start to make threats against them, they will release all the US dollar and it will dropped the value o****S dollar into nothing (like a bank-run).

The US knows it, that’s why they are so scared sh*t of China.

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