Jul 062013
The wife of Filipino boxing icon Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire Jr. is a now certified hero, too, having saved a drowning child despite being nine months pregnant last July 4.

Donaire, in a post on his Twitter account, said his wife Rachel was admitted to a hospital for fetal monitoring after saving the child.

“Wifey admitted into ER for fetal monitoring.  Shes full term but not due for another 17 days.  Praying things are ok,” he said in a post with times tamp 4:24 a.m.

The administrator of Donaire’s Twitter account said Mrs. Donaire was admitted in a hospital for fetal monitoring after saving a drowning child.

“During 4th of July, a friend’s son disappeared underneath the water. Rachel didn’t hesitate to jump in to save the child but injured herself in the process. Nonito said she ‘moved so quickly it scared me,'” the administrator of Donaire’s account tweeted.

Rachel woke up with sharp pain and was admitted in the hospital where she was monitored for over an hour and was diagnosed with a strained ligament.

But doctors said the baby in her womb is unaffected, and ordered bed rest for her “for a couple days.”

Mrs. Donaire is on her ninth month this July with their first child – they are expecting a boy, Donaire’s Twitter account administrator added.

The feat earned Mrs. Donaire praises from tweeps.

“The wife of Nonito The @filipinoflash Donaire saves a drowning boy while 9 months pregnant! Mabuhay! #Respeto #Bayani,” tweeted IamSuperPupung.

Another commended Mrs. Donaire “for her heroic act” and called her a “future super mom!— LBG, GMA News

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