Aug 202017

The Giving Café (TGC), a third wave coffee shop serving specialty blends in BGC Mandaluyong, is serving coffee to help La Trinidad, Benguet farmers sustain their operations.

The Giving Café is the newest social enterprise operated by coffee solutions provider Henry and Sons (H&S) to support the company’s advocacy arm, the Foundation for Sustainable Coffee Excellence (FSCE).

The TGC offers the Bloom Coffee range of specialty coffee each crafted to directly fund a specific farmer assistance program such as:

  • The Giving Well – to fund atmospheric water generators that provide clean and potable water to farming communities
  • Cup to Seed – to fund livelihood projects which the farmer communities can engage in between harvests
  • Coffee for Great Minds – to fund educational needs
  • Beans for Little Ones – to fund basic health care for children of farmers
  • Beans Within Reach – to launch activities that connect local and global buyers to the farmers and their products

“What we’re trying to do is support the farmers, to help them put Filipino Arabica back in the global spotlight. We want the effort directed at that,” Henry and Sons CEO Michael Harris Conlin said in an ABSCBN report.

Bloom Coffee

The Bloom Coffee range offer products of the blending and roasting of Arabica beans from around the world with local Philippine beans from Benguet.

TGC has marked 1% of the total sales per drink to go to the implementation of a specific FSCE initiative.

The Giving Café joins the FSCE initiatives that include The Giving Caravan, a roving Kombi Volkswagen café giving out free cups of coffee in BGC streets, and The Giving Cart.


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