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Avon sales leader and President’s Club member for 31 years Era Taroc is proof that a clear goal paves the way to success.  

MANILA, Philippines – She remembers it very well, like it only happened yesterday. The year was 1982 and Era Taroc was just starting out as a franchise dealer in Avon. The event was the Quarterly Sales Meeting at the Manila Hotel and it was there that Era first glimpsed the prestige of being a President’s Club member.

“I was amazed by the exclusive gifts and offers extended to President’s Club members,” she recalls. “From that moment, all I wanted was to be invited into that elite group.” 

Then 22-year-old Era did everything to reach the sales target needed to be included in the President’s Club. Not content with the number of people in her small neighborhood in Antipolo, she went to different cities in Metro Manila to gain more customers. Her goal — to be part of the President’s Club — took her to Quezon City, Novaliches, San Juan, even Alabang.

To further grow her business, Era also re-enrolled in school at the National College of Business and Arts. “I wanted to learn about business because I knew it would be useful in my career with Avon, and since our neighborhood had a few people to sell to, I figured that I could grow my network by enrolling in school.” 

While it seemed impossible to juggle school, her Avon business, and taking care of her husband and two kids, Era was able to do it and managed to enter the President’s Club the following year. She admits, “I was so happy because all of that was really hard work. It’s not easy doing so many roles without losing touch with your goal. I admit to failing a couple of times but you just have to soldier on, remember your goal, and get back on track.”

Her success inspired her to strive harder, even when she was already earning a lot every month. According to Era, it took tremendous work to get into the President’s Club and she certainly had no intention of getting out of it. The passionate, driven sales leader definitely saw to it because she has been in the club since 1983.

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To solidify her standing as one of Avon’s top performers, Era also focused on recruitment. Recruitment, she says, is “the lifeblood of the business.” Era is known in the Avon community as one of its star recruiters as she currently handles over 3,000 downlines.

If you happen to see a car used as a popup booth with beautiful ladies wearing Avon sun visors and shirts in your barangay hall, market, or mall parking area, expect that to be Era’s team doing their recruitment activities. Era says that they dedicate two hours every day to conduct offsite recruitment activities.

“We give out brochures, fliers, and giveaways to invite people to join Avon. We also do party selling and beauty fairs so potential recruits can try the products themselves,” Era says.

Despite already earning millions per month now that she’s one of Avon’s top sales leaders, Era still continues with recruitment simply because she loves touching people’s lives and being part of their success. “One of my earlier recruits worked as a laundrywoman who lived in a very small house. Now she lives in a mansion and enjoys the unlimited earning opportunities of Avon.” She further stresses, “I like how Avon promotes inclusive success. It’s fulfilling when you see your downlines progress and reach their dreams as well.”

 Era adds that, apart from giving her the comfortable life she is living now, she looks up to Avon for its continued support: “Avon gives support in sales and recruitment, product knowledge, and is very generous with gifts. I couldn’t imagine myself being anywhere else but Avon.”

While she greatly attributes her success to having a clear goal, Era shares another secret: “Success is all about powerful habit, powerful belief, and powerful language. You should believe in your goals, consistently work towards it, and use only motivating language for yourself and your peers. That’s what I did to enjoy financial abundance and stability with Avon.”

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