Dec 162014

Upon the advice of her feng shui master, my friend always wears green to attract more success in her business endeavors.  And so she wears her jade jewelry and ubiquitous green handbag daily.

Though I am not superstitious, green is a favorite because it represents  nature, harmony, positivity, balance, and growth.

Located between yellow and blue in the color wheel, this pigment  ranges from the black/brown hues of dark green and hunter green to vibrant neon green (of the psychedlic ‘60s) to the palest of celadon and pastel green.

Gemstones found in this color range from the precious and expensive emerald and imperial jade  to semi-precious stones such as tourmaline, chrysophrase, malachite and garnet with the tsavorite green garnet being priced so much higher than a regular garnet because of its rarity and closeness in color to the emerald.

With the holiday season upon us, now is  the perfect time to inject this color in our wardrobe with so many shades available  to flatter any skin tone.

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