Jul 292017
Chinkee Tan

Chinkee Tan

Are you always working overtime but still not getting enough salary?

Or maybe you have a lot of sideline work, but still you can’t seem to pay off your debts.

Or are you staying up all night to manage and promote your business but still you’re not earning enough?

If you answered a resounding YES, then I want to remind you…


Don’t just spend time making money. You should also allot time managing money.

If you’re always working so hard, but still you’re not earning the amount of money that you want, it’s possible that you are not taking care of your resources.

Maybe, your strategy in handling your money is wrong. Maybe it’s time for you to learn about new ways to handle your finances. Take your time so that you can learn. Don’t overwork and disregard opportunities for you to learn. As the saying goes, “Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.”

“It’s not about how much money you MAKE, but how much money you SAVE.”

Even if the money that you are earning is big, if the money that you are spending is also big, then it counts as nothing.

Maybe you’re always so busy at work that’s why you have no time to manage your income. The long hours that you put in your work will not amount to anything without the proper handling of your finances.

Always remember, “Everything in excess is bad.” That’s why we need a good BALANCE.

Maybe you’re so driven in your work, but you’re going farther and farther from your end goal.

It’s possible that you’re enjoying your work so much to the point that you’re already forgetting your desired end result.

If you don’t get to meet your goal, all your hard work will not pay off. Don’t lose your focus.

Remember why you are working in the first place. You are working to earn money for your family. This is why, I always say to all my mentees: Never confuse activity with accomplishment.


Maybe you’re so stressed out at work that all your salary just goes to de-stressing activities. You’re so tired at work that you don’t have energy and time anymore to give to your family.

Reminder: we are not only working to earn money, but we are working so that we can spend more time with our family. Isn’t it ironic that your work is the very reason why you have NO QUALITY TIME with your family?

Maybe your everyday routine looks like this: Work, go home, eat, sleep, wake up, work, go home, eat, sleep, wake up… the cycle just goes on and on and on.

It’s ok for you to work hard, but once you get home, make sure that you spend quality time with your spouse and kids.

Let us not work only on short-term goals just to meet the physical needs of the family. We must work only on long-term goals that meet the emotional, mental, and physical needs of the family.


Are you also working smart while working hard?
When you make money, are you managing your money properly?
Are you investing more time at work rather than your family?

(Chinkee Tan is a top Filipino motivational speaker, wealth and life coach whose goal is to inform, educate, motivate, and disturb. His vision is to help people become financially-literate and debt-free. For more info about Chinkee Tan, please visit his fan page at FB, Twitter and Instagram. Also follow VIBER PUBLIC CHAT GROUP search chinkee tan, and VISIONCHINKEE on You Tube for more news and encouragements.)


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