Jan 292016
Chinkee Tan

Chinkee Tan

As an OFW, you sacrifice a lot just to earn more money.

As a businessman, you risk a lot of things just so you can earn more money.

Why is it so difficult to earn money?

What makes it even worse is that it took you years to earn it, but only minutes to spend it.

Earning money even beats a one-week love affair in disintegrating. What we earn just passed through our hand like the wind. A lot of times, it still isn’t even enough to survive.

We don’t want to live this life just for the purpose of earning money.

So what can we do so that we don’t feel the heavy burden of earning money?


You read it right! We should not only be thinking of money. Don’t make money the motivation for working hard. Why? Because when it is gone, so is your desire and joy. Admit it, after payday we feel like a withered leaf, lifeless because we don’t have any more money. Focus on the reason behind why we earn rather on how much we earn.


Love your work and it will love you back.

If we are doing our jobs just for the sake of money, you will really have a hard time. You are gonna end up just like a robot, an arcade machine or a battery-operated toy. If we enjoy what we do, we will find fulfillment in it no matter how small the income or how hard the work is.


Be wise in handling your money. Manage your money or your money will manage you. We should have control over our money, and not the other way around. Save as much as you can, invest, start a business, make a budget plan and more. Instead of unlimited spending-spree, think of ways to grow your money.

Life is hard but it is possible for us to make it feel lighter if we don’t focus too much on earning, if we love and enjoy what we do and if we make our money work for us.


Are you tired of working just to earn more money?

Do you love your job?

Have you tried saving and investing your money?

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